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    • Number of Days of Overtime, if applicable. If the final amount (not including incentive pay and item deductions) to be paid on the project is greater than the original contract amount, a time extension due to overruns is computed and shown on this Schedule. In computing this time extension, any fraction of a day will be rounded up to the next whole day. For example, if 8.1 days are computed, an extension of 9 days will be allowed. On projects with Partial Work Orders, any fraction of a day computed to be charged will be rounded down to a whole day. For example, if 5.7 days are computed, 5 days will be charged under the Partial Work Order.

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    Job Diary (Typed). This is the ORIGINAL TYPED DIARY, signed by the Resident Engineer, which was prepared weekly and retained for submission with the Final Estimate. (Not required for SiteManager projects).

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    Core Record (Typed). Core Records are required on all projects which have PCC Pavement. This record shows the section number, square meters (square yards) of pavement represented by each core, core location (including station), core thickness, core thickness allowed, section average, and the average for the entire project. It should be attached to and submitted with the Final Report of Work Performed.

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    Cross-sections. The cross-section books must be submitted with the Final Estimate. These are the field or level books which contain the cross-sections, both original and final, for all earthwork which is measured by cross-section. Check levels MUST also be submitted.


Computer printouts of earthwork computed and the computer plotted cross-sections.


Microcomputer printouts of the X-section file (.INP) and the quantities

(.EWK) are to be submitted with the Final Estimate. The (.EAR) files are to LAN for Contract Estimates access following the Upload procedures above.




file the

For projects using CAiCE, the raw SDMS data files (.PRJ), the edited data files (.EDI), and the archived CAiCE project file must be submitted. See Subsection 210.04 for procedures for uploading the CAiCE project files onto the LAN for Contract Estimates Section access.

These files and printouts must be checked by Resident Engineer personnel and all errors corrected before the Final Estimate's submittal. Any computer plots made by the Resident Engineer should also be submitted.

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    Report of Work Performed (RWP) sheets. ALL of the RWP's which are also ORIGINAL SOURCE DOCUMENTS are to be sent with the Final Estimate. (See 109.02 above and the appropriate section later in this manual.) DO NOT send those RWP's which are marked only Current Estimate. If they are needed by the Contract Estimates Section to assist in checking the Final Estimate, they will be requested. (Not required for SiteManager projects).

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    SiteManager DWR Support Documentation. All original documents contained in the project file, which are used to support quantities reported in SiteManager in accordance with Section 109.01(c) of this Manual, shall be checked, verified against the quantity reported on the DWR, and sent in with the Final Estimate. Copies of all sheets shall be retained in the RE office.


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