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I hereby certify:

That the Environmental Division has been contacted and confirmation obtained that all mitigation commitments and environmental provisions have been met through the construction stage of the project;

That all required Prime Contractor and Subcontractor payrolls are on file;

That the "as built" construction limits through Forest Service lands have been sent to the Right of Way Division;

That there was purchased Right of Way on this project and a list of Right of Way monuments missing or destroyed has been sent to the Engineer of Surveys.

OR That there was no purchased Right of Way on this project.

___________________ Resident Engineer

FIGURE 109-5 EXAMPLES OF STATEMENTS WHICH MAY BE REQUIRED ON A FINAL ESTIMATE _____________________________________________________________________

12) AHTD ESTIMATE SHEET (Typed). (Not required for SiteManager projects). Prior to submitting the Final Estimate, the Resident Engineer shall determine the amount of money due to the Contractor. If this amount is more than $10.00, a Current Estimate must be submitted to reduce the amount due to below the $10 limit. This Current Estimate, if required, is to be submitted for payment by FAX or exported from FieldBook to CAS at the same time other Current Estimates are submitted. It should be marked "PRE-FINAL".

In all cases, a Final Estimate should include an AHTD ESTIMATE SHEET prepared for the project showing the QUIK CODES and quantities required to make the final adjustments in the amount to be paid. This ESTIMATE SHEET should include the estimate number and the date of the last Current Estimate. It should also include the statement "INFORMATION ONLY - DO NOT PROCESS" on it.


Final Construction Inspection Report (Typed).

If the Final Construction Inspection

Report is available, a copy of it should be submitted with the Final this Report is found in Figure 105-4 of this Manual.) However, NOT be held pending receipt of this document.

Estimate. the Final

(An example of Estimate should

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    Form FHWA-47, Certificate of Payment to DBEs, and other documents required for certain Federal Aid projects. These forms, when required in the Contract, should be requested from the Contractor at or before the time of the Final Inspection. When available, they should be submitted with the Final Estimate. However, the Final Estimate should NOT be held pending receipt of these documents.

  • 15)

    NPDES Notice of Termination. A copy of the NOT, as described in Subsection 110.02(b), should be submitted with the Final Estimate. The original document must be submitted by the District Engineer to the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality no later than immediately after the Final Inspection Report is sent to the Construction Office.

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