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All trucks measured under earlier Specifications (prior to the 2003 Edition

of the Specifications) MUST be remeasured and recalculated on the latest form for 2003

Specification Projects.

109.11 Procedure for Documenting Truck Measurements. Measurement Form (19-507 or 19-507m) shall be used for documentation. photocopies should be made of the original and distributed as follows:

Truck Three

Original copy 1 copy 2 copy 3

Contract Estimates Section

  • R.

    E. Office Master File

  • R.

    E. Office Job File


The procedures for completing this form are as follows:

  • 1.

    Fill in all blanks as applicable. If not applicable, indicate by "N/A". This applies to other information as well as dimension blanks. IMPORTANT: Form must be INITIALED and DATED at time of preparation.

  • 2.

    Measure and record appropriate dimensions to the accuracy specified on the form.

Length measurements will be made as indicated on the appropriate truck elevation. When measuring the truck, use the elevation (A or B) that conforms with the configuration of the truck being measured. Indicate by a solid line, over the appropriate dashed line, the configuration of the truck.

Width measurements will be for metal portion of bed only. No additional width will be allowed for any offset which may occur at the point of build-up above the metal bed.

Measure and record height of both sides at front and back as noted on form. Sides must be constructed to a straight line from front to back. (If bed height is not the same at the front and back, the difference in height must be a uniform change.) In measuring height, avoid low or bent places in bottom of bed. Both the front of the bed and the tailgate must be constructed to a height equal to or greater than that of the sides of the bed, including any build-up.

  • 3.

    Measure and record dimensions for additional volumes where applicable. Measure to the accuracy specified on the form. To calculate additional volume formed by a sloping tailgate, the following procedure shall be followed (see Figure 109-8:

    • (a)

      Extend a tape vertically from point A to point C on both sides of the bed. The height AC is used to average with the front height of the bed to determine the volume of the front portion.

    • (b)

      Measure the shortest distance, line CD, from point C to the tailgate. (Line CD is perpendicular to the tailgate.) CD=a Results: The volume equals 1/2 aTW where W is the width of bed and T is the sloping height of the tailgate.

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Rev. 7-1-05

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