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If there are additional volumes which are not provided for on the form, make an appropriate note and sketch. If there is not enough room on the face of the form for sketch and computations, show additional volume on face and show supporting data on back side of form or on an attached sheet.

  • 4.

    Measure and record dimensions of intrusions where applicable. Measure to the accuracy specified on the form. If the bed has a radius in front, the following procedure will be used in determining radius (see Figure 109-9.

    • (a)

      Extend tape measure across bed at the beginning of curve from point D to point C.

    • (b)

      Extend a ruler from point A to point B & from point B to point C and record R1 and R2, then use the average of the two. (Considering both corners to be symmetrical, you may measure either corner to find the average radius.)

Disregard all radii less than 0.30 m (1.0').

    • (c)

      The volume to be subtracted for two radii is calculated using the formula shown on line 4 of the calculations portion of the form.

    • (d)

      Measure all INTRUSIONS and indicate measurements in appropriate blanks. If there are intrusions not provided for on the form, follow the procedures outlined above for additional volumes.

  • 5.

    Compute volume to nearest 0.01 cubic meter (0.01 cubic yard). Compute volumes to the nearest 0.01 cubic meter (0.01 cubic foot) on all additional volumes and intrusions. Indicate volume in appropriate blanks to the nearest 0.01 cubic meter (0.01 cubic foot). Add or subtract as appropriate to obtain the net volume in cubic meters (divide by 27 to obtain the computed volume in cubic yards).

  • 6.

    Advise trucker of pay volume for existing bed dimensions and call his attention to note on top, left of form. Allow pay quantity to 0.1 cubic meter (0.1 cubic yard).

Example: A computed volume of 11.38 cubic yards will be a pay quantity of 11.4 cubic yards. A computed volume of 11.34 cubic yards will be a pay quantity of 11.3 cubic yards.


If the trucker is satisfied with the computed volume, paint number, capacity, and slanted arrows or inverted V's on truck.


If trucker wants to build up or cut down, compute required height for desired volume. Do not forget intrusions. Adjustments in bed must be made before first load. After pay quantity has been established and haul has begun, the volume of bed MUST NOT BE changed without written approval from the Resident Engineer. If bed is changed with out approval, the trucker will not be allowed to return to that job. Computations will be CHECKED as soon as possible (NOT LATER THAN NEXT WORK DAY), and the Original copy mailed to the Contract Estimates Section.


After build-up is constructed to required height, mark with paint as in (7) above, and complete form using new height.


Give trucker copy to trucker and advise him he may now begin haul.

Rev. 2-16-04

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