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separate Utility Diary (when required). It is important to note any utility work affecting the Contractor’s access to the work in the construction diary whenever utility work continues after the construction work order has been issued.

The Resident Engineer shall notify Utilities Section by e-mail, with a cc to the Staff Construction Engineer, when situations arise during the utility relocation work, such as slow work, contractors leaving project prior to completion of the utility work, delays in starting work, etc. Utilities Section will in turn contact the utility company involved and try to rectify the situation.

The Resident Engineer shall also notify Utilities Section by e-mail, with a cc to the Staff Construction Engineer, whenever it becomes apparent that the utility work will not be completed by the date stated in the job Special Provision (or within the time permitted by the Utility Agreement) and when the work will cause delays with

Contractor progress.






It is normally not necessary for a

Department inspector to be on-site during the entire time a utility company or utility contractor is working, however sufficient inspection of all utility adjustments should be made by the Resident Engineer to ensure that the facilities are located as shown on the approved plans.

It should be determined that the utility forces and the project personnel use the same reference datum when setting grade stakes, and confer with the Resident Engineer prior to establishing any underground, overhead or lateral installations.

111.08 Inspection of Recovered Material. The utility company must declare in the attachments to the agreement which materials are to be returned to usable stock (salvage). All other recovered materials may be disposed by sale or scrapping. The Resident Engineer is not required to keep records of recovered materials, but may at his discretion inspect the materials.

111.09 Inspection of Utility Agreements. The Resident Engineer shall provide sufficient inspection to be able to record the days worked, the approximate amount of work accomplished each day, the approximate labor force and equipment used, and the quantities of materials used, as necessary to submit a diary as required in Subsection 11.03(c) of this Manual. The Resident Engineer shall also provide sufficient inspection to submit a memo, as described in Subsection 111.03(a) of this Manual that the work was performed in accordance with the agreement and adjustment plans, and/or to compile a list of any changes from the agreement.

111.10 Final Billing. The billing for all reimbursable agreements is to be submitted by the Utility Company directly to the Utilities Section for processing and payment. When the bill is approved by the Utilities Section the Resident Engineer’s statement and diary (as described in Subsection 111.03 of this Manual) will be forwarded with the billing to Fiscal Services for audit and payment.

111.11 Preservation of Survey Monuments, Stakes, and Markers. Refer to Subsection 105.07 of this Manual concerning this subject. The Resident Engineer must contact the Department's Utility Section immediately whenever utility companies or their


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