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112.01 General. There are four types of Highway-Railroad Agreements: Grade Separations, At-Grade Crossings, Signalization Installations and Modifications, and Rail Rehabilitation Projects. Each type has distinctive administration requirements which are discussed separately below. A Work Order will be issued to the Railroad Company by the Chief Engineer prior to beginning of reimbursable work under a Highway-Railroad Agreement.

112.02 Grade Separations. The Programs and Contracts Division is responsible for initiating all agreements which involve an overpass or underpass. These agreements will include the preparation of the railroad insurance clause, the securing of railroad company approval of the plans describing the vertical and horizontal clearances, and provisions for drainage in the vicinity of the railroad right of way. In the event there is a railroad wire line to be adjusted in conjunction with the over/underpass work, the Programs and Contracts Division will include this adjustment in the agreement. Special Provisions in the contract will set forth the responsibilities of both the Contractor and the Department in protecting the railroad facilities and in completing the required work. Change Orders which involve any of the above areas must be submitted far enough in advance to allow for coordination with the railroad company. The Railroad may also require the Contractor to execute a right of entry agreement.

The Resident Engineer shall note in the appropriate Construction Diary any significant occurrences relative to railroad over/underpass work or wire line adjustment. It is NOT necessary to maintain a separate utility diary for the wire line adjustment.

Refer to Subsection 112.07 of this Manual for details on preparing and processing Materials Estimates if the agreement provides for payment of Materials Estimates and if the railroad company requests such advance payment.


Final Inspection and Payment of

Separation Agreements.

Final inspection of the work

Estimates on Railroad Grade shall be made upon completion as

called for in the agreement. These agreements only; however, if wire line will also be included.

procedures are appropriate adjustment is included in the

for grade separation agreement, that work

The Assistant Chief Engineer-Planning will notify the District Engineer to arrange for a Final Inspection. Refer to Subsection 105.09 of this Manual for general procedures to be followed. After a physical inspection of the facility by the appropriate parties, the District Engineer shall complete a Final Construction Inspection Report on the railroad adjustments and submit it to the State Construction Engineer with a copy to the Assistant Chief Engineer - Planning. The Railroad Company will submit its final invoice, including bills of materials, labor, and overhead cost calculations, to the Assistant Chief Engineer-Planning. Upon receipt of the Final Inspection Report and the Final Railroad Invoice, the Assistant Chief Engineer-Planning will prepare the Semi- Final Estimate using Form 19-119, retaining 10% of the amount due to the Railroad Company. This retainage will be released by the Chief Fiscal Officer upon satisfactory completion of an audit of the billing.


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