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8. Attach a copy of the "Final" Construction Inspection Report to the Final Estimate.

If an enhancement project overruns the TOTAL Contract amount authorized, the overrun will NOT receive Federal Aid participation without prior written approval by the Assistant Chief Engineer for Planning. Change Orders that include non-participating overruns must be accompanied by appropriate payment from the Sponsor. Regardless of their funding, however, all changes must be approved by the Department.

Enhancement projects on which the AHTD is responsible for routine inspection and documentation must be handled in the same manner as outlined in this manual for

highway construction contracts. 112A.03. Change Orders.


Department Inspected Projects.


Orders on Enhancement Projects where the Department performs the day to day administration are handled as outlined in Subsections 104.01 and 104.02 of this Manual.


Owner/Sponsor Inspected Projects.

As stated in Subsection 112A.02

above, an enhancement project’s Sponsor will be responsible for day to day inspection and documentation of quantities. On these projects, Change Orders are to be initiated by the Sponsor or its authorized representative (such as the architect or engineer actually responsible for day to day inspection). Any format that contains all pertinent information is acceptable. When pay items are added to the Contract, a letter of agreement from the Prime Contractor must accompany the Change Order. The following procedures have

been adopted by the Department for handling these change orders:

  • 1.

    The Local Sponsor (mayor, county judge, etc.) and the Engineer/Architect approve and sign the proposed change order. The change order is submitted, along with the sponsor’s 1% AHTD administrative fee for overruns, to the Resident Engineer for review.

  • 2.

    The Resident Engineer forwards the change order and the sponsor’s 1% administrative fee to Programs and Contracts Division.

  • 3.

    Programs and Contracts Division reviews the change order and approves or denies the change order for enhancement program funding eligibility. If approved, Programs and Contracts Division signs the change order and returns it to the Sponsor with copies to the Resident Engineer and the Construction Division.

  • 4.

    If the change order is determined to not be eligible for transportation enhancement funding, Programs & Contracts will contact the local sponsor. The sponsor may elect to use 100% local funds for the change order. If this option is elected, Programs and Contracts will sign the change order and write “Non-Participating in Federal-Aid Funds” on the face of the change order. The non-participating change order will then be returned to the sponsor, with copies to the Resident Engineer and the Construction Division.

  • 5.

    After the change order is executed, Programs & Contracts will forward the sponsor’s 1% administrative fee to Fiscal Services. If the change order is not executed, Programs & Contracts will write “Returned Unapproved” on the change order and forward copies of the unapproved change order to the Resident Engineer and the

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