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The Resident Engineer should become familiar with the construction

details and prospective before jobs instructions

existing conditions in order to discuss the proposed construction with bidders and answer any questions. If it is necessary to stake the right-of-way are advertised, the Resident Engineer will receive the required plans and from the District Engineer.

After award of the contract, the Construction Office will send two complete sets of construction plans directly to the Contractor and two complete sets of plans and two copies of the contract to the Resident Engineer. Additional copies of construction plans may be obtained from the Construction Office.

Occasionally, Supplemental Specifications, Special Provisions and/or plans are revised after advertising, but before receiving bids. Therefore, the copies of Special Provisions, Supplemental Specifications, and Plans furnished when jobs are advertised should be destroyed upon receipt of the construction plans, unless they have been corrected by insertion of the revisions.

The Resident Engineer, together with the Resident Engineer’s principal assistants will make another careful and detailed study of the contract and plans, paying particular

attention to all Special Provisions and Supplemental

Contract. Following this study of the plans, Specifications, the Resident Engineer will make further familiarized with the proposed work.

Special a field

Specifications included in the Provisions, and Supplemental study of the project to become

115.02 Personnel Assigned to the Resident Engineer. Each Resident Engineer Office has an assigned crew complement developed by the Central Office that is based on existing personnel, present work load, projected work load and a "model" mix of job classifications. Approval of promotions, transfers, new hires, etc., is based in part on this crew complement. The Resident Engineer must work closely with the District Engineer on any recommended changes in the complement. Any personnel actions requiring a Form 125 should be cleared through the District Engineer prior to submittal.

Department personnel assigned to a Resident Engineer's office perform myriad duties. The Resident Engineer should make every effort to assign duties to employees which continually cross train them and fully utilize their talents. Ideally, this would enable employees so trained to advance within the Department at a speed commensurate with their ability, desire, and performance.

115.03 Duties of Resident Engineer Personnel. Competent inspection is one of the most important elements entering into any construction work. Proper inspection requires good judgment, diplomacy, common sense, and a thorough knowledge of the work, plans, and specifications. Department employees assigned inspection duties derive their authority from Subsections 105.11 and 105.12 of the Standard Specifications.

If differences in interpretation of the Specifications arise with the Contractor, the matter shall be decided by the Resident Engineer. If the Resident Engineer cannot resolve the matter, the Resident Engineer shall take the question through channels to the next higher authority.


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