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It is not good practice to use the same personnel on successive jobs with the same Contractor. Certain personal relations and precedents can be established which may not be in the Department's best interest.

When methods or procedures for any operation are prescribed in the Specifications, they shall be rigidly enforced. The Department employee inspecting contractor work should always bear in mind that the management of the work is the Contractor's business. However, if any methods are employed which the Inspector has reason to believe will impair the quality of the finished job, the inspector shall advise the

Contractor accordingly and notify the Resident Engineer immediately. Employees shall in no way attempt to supervise work for the Contractor.


A set of plans and a copy of the Specifications shall always be available to Resident Engineer personnel for reference. It is the duty of all employees involved in inspecting contractor work to study the plans and Specifications of the job that they have been assigned to so that they fully understand the details of the work to be done.

115.04 Leave Policy. The Department has established policies on Leave with which the Resident Engineer should be familiar in order to administer the leave policy

properly. Manual.

These policies are contained in Section V of the Department's Personnel

Requests for Leave will be distributed in the following manner:

For all employees, except Resident Engineers, the Resident Engineer shall approve the leave card and forward the original copy of the "Request for Leave", Form 19-508, to the District Engineer who will in turn forward the original copy to the Personnel Office. The original copy of the "Request for Leave" for the Resident Engineer should also be forwarded to the District Engineer who will in turn forward the original copy to the Personnel Office.

115.05 Expense Policy. The Department expense allowance is designed to eliminate dual living expense insofar as practical and to reimburse the employee for actual expenses rather than provide a per diem basis. Personnel on expenses should consider expenditures in the light of living as a person normally would if reimbursement was not being made. Reimbursement will not be made for extreme extravagance. Prior authorization is required for eligibility.

The expense policy, forms, and procedures are contained in the Accounting Manual, Section 25.

115.06 Employment Policy. The Personnel Manual contains policy, regulations and forms to be used in the employment of personnel. An abbreviated version of this is found in the AHTD Employee Handbook.

115.07 Training. (a) General. Rapidly advancing technology in highway construction methods and more construction work being accomplished each year demands an improvement in procedures and efficiency of our personnel. For this reason an active in-service training program has been developed to assist the Resident Engineer in maintaining a high degree of competence in his field personnel.

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