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(1) Basic Materials Course. This course is designed to train Construction Division employees in the basic duties and responsibilities of a Materials Inspector. It consists of ten Chapters which include lectures, conferences, and practical exercises. Successful completion of this course is strongly recommended prior to an employee attending any of the Mack-Blackwell certified technician training courses.

Prerequisite: Recommendation of Resident Engineer. Text: Instructor's Manual, 90 pages; "Manual of Field Sampling and Testing" (for each student); work sheets, 20 pages; transparencies, 6 pages. Duration: 1 week Examination: Two hours long, multiple choice with hand-held calculators allowed; Administered by Central Office personnel.

(2) Construction Survey Course. This is a comprehensive course designed to develop and strengthen the employee in all aspects of surveying as it relates to the Construction Division.

The course was developed in order to: 1) upgrade the quality of stake-out work; 2) establish some degree of uniformity throughout the State; and 3) provide a handbook for daily use of Instrument Operators.

Prerequisite: Recommendation of Resident Engineer. Text: 22 chapters, 355 pages (combination teacher's manual/textbook). Duration: Four weeks, including classroom and field work. Examination: Four hours long, multiple choice with hand-held calculators allowed; administered by Central Office personnel.

(2a) Survey I. This is an introductory course to Surveying. It provides entry level personnel with a background of surveying techniques and terms. This course covers notekeeping, general information, chaining, leveling, and an introduction to the transit.

Prerequisite: Strong background in mathematics. Text: Student Workbook - 9 chapters, 93 pages; Teacher's Manual - 9 chapters, 111 pages. Duration: Four Days. Examination: Two Hours, administered by Central Office Personnel.

(3) Nuclear Gauge Operation. This course is taught by Central Office Materials Division personnel and explains the theory behind the use of the Nuclear Density and Nuclear Asphalt Content Gauges. A significant part of this course stresses the safety measures the AHTD employee must utilize for his own well being as well as that of the public. Employees successfully completing this course are eligible to be licensed by the Arkansas State Health Department to operate these gauges. Employees may then be issued a radiation exposure badge. An employee must have a radiation exposure badge in order to participate in the Soils and Hot-Mix Asphalt Technician training courses through the Mack-Blackwell Transportation Study Center.

Prerequisite: None. Text: 46 pages, "Nuclear Gauge Training Course Workbook."

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