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The Construction Industry is continually changing. New technology, materials, equipment, and methods are constantly being introduced. The Construction Division must keep abreast of these developments and become more proficient in contract administration. This Resident Engineer's Manual is an attempt to fill this need.

It is not the intent of this manual to instruct the Resident Engineer in the engineering decisions inherent in his assignment nor to stifle initiative. Rather, this Manual is intended to establish uniform procedures throughout the Construction Division’s Resident Engineer Offices for documentation of contract quantities, for checking and auditing these records, and to provide a reference for administrative policy related to the Construction Division.

The instructions contained herein are not a part of any contract and are not to be construed as binding on any Contractor. They are, however, instructions to those whose responsibility it is to efficiently administer the construction program of the Department.

Although this Manual usually describes only one specific procedure for accomplishing a specific task, it is recognized that there are other procedures which would be satisfactory in many cases. However, there are some procedures which are mandatory for the task involved, and other methods are not acceptable. Such mandatory procedures are prescribed for one or more of several reasons, which may include sat- isfaction of the requirements of the specifications, establishing uniformity of treatment of similar situations, facilitating auditing and checking of records, reduction of record volume, and other similar reasons. Variation from these prescribed procedures cannot be made without specific approval from the District Engineer and/or the Construction Office.

In order to avoid cumbersome phraseology and in the interest of conciseness, words having a masculine gender such as "flagman", "workman", and the pronouns "he", "his", "him", etc., are used throughout the Manual and are intended to refer to persons of either sex.

In keeping with the idea that the Construction Industry is an ever-changing entity, the format of this Manual was designed to provide for additions, revisions, etc., without the necessity of re-publishing the entire book. Changes will be published by the Construction Office and transmitted to each holder of the Manual. It is the responsibility of each holder to post the changes.

While an attempt was made to cover most of the situations likely to occur, it is impossible to anticipate all possibilities. With this in mind, each user of this Manual may

suggest changes, additions, etc., deemed needed. Suggestions must be submitted the appropriate channels to the Construction Engineer. All suggestions considered and evaluated, and revisions will be made when deemed appropriate.

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