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Range poles and level rods are NOT pole vaulting poles or spears and should never be misused.

Axes, brush hooks, and other cutting tools should be kept clean and sharpened. Plumb bobs and other miscellaneous surveying should always be kept clean.

120.05 Materials Asphalt Content Gauges.

Testing Equipment.

(a) Nuclear Density and Nuclear

The Resident Engineer is charged with full responsibility for

the nuclear gauge issued to the Resident Engineer’s office.

All gauges needing repairs or

cleaning and adjustment should be brought to the Materials Division in Little Rock.

Only trained and certified operators are authorized to operate nuclear gauges. All gauge operators are required to wear TLD film badges while operating the gauge.

Gauge security is to be maintained at all times. The gauge will be transported in a locked vehicle or locked to the vehicle while being transported.

Gauges in their containers may be transported in pickup truck beds ONLY if the gauge cases are secured to the bed of the vehicle in such a way as to prevent easy removal by unauthorized personnel and minimize damage to the gauge in the event of an accident. The appropriate Bill of Lading shall be carried in the vehicle transporting a nuclear gauge. These Bills of Lading are provided by the Materials Division and contain emergency information and phone numbers on their reverse sides. They must be signed by the Resident Engineer as "Shipper". Additional information concerning the safe transport, safe handling and emergency procedures to follow may be found in the "Manual of Field Sampling & Testing Procedures" issued by the Materials Division.

The Radiation Protection Officer for AHTD is Ray Gruver of the Materials Division. During normal office hours, he may be contacted at (501) 569-2189. At times other than normal office hours, he may be contacted at (501) 397-7560 or (501) 519-0583

in case of emergency. Nuclear Gauge Utilization Log.

The Arkansas Department of Health, which

licenses the Department's use of Nuclear Gauges, requires the Department to monitor the usage of each individual Nuclear Gauge. The "Nuclear Gauge Utilization Log" reports the information required by the Health Department. The only daily entry required will be the operator's name, the time the gauge is taken out of storage, and the time the gauge is brought back to be placed in storage.

A monthly log will be maintained for each gauge assigned to the Resident Engineer’s office. This log will be submitted to Materials Division at the end of each month.

(b) Asphalt Lab Equipment - General. In addition to Nuclear gauges, various other pieces of testing equipment are assigned to the Resident Engineer for the purpose of quality control of asphalt mixtures. The following equipment may be located at the asphalt plant field laboratory assigned to the Resident Engineer:

  • Gyratory Compactor

  • Rice Apparatus (Vacuum pump, Pycnometer, Agitator

  • Electronic Digital Thermometer

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