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  • District Engineer authorized Change Orders.

  • Assistant Chief Engineer authorized Change Orders.

(a) Resident Engineer frequently called upon to make Timely decisions are desirable and

Authorized Changes. The Resident Engineer is decisions regarding assigned construction projects. necessary to allow the work to progress.

The Resident Engineer may authorize on-the-spot changes provided they meet ALL of the following stipulations:

  • (1)

    The Change involves LESS THAN $10,000 net total of all pay items.

  • (2)

    The Change involves ONLY existing contract items.

  • (3)

    The Change does not involve any of the "Change Coordination

Guidelines" as stated in Figure 104-1.

Resident Engineer Authorized Changes are NOT considered formal Change Orders. They shall, however, be documented in SiteManager (both in DWR “RE Authorized Changes” Remark Field and entered as an RE Approved Change Order) or the Typed Construction Diary. The FHWA Area Engineer (on projects monitored by the FHWA), the District Engineer, and the Staff Construction Engineer should be informed of Resident Engineer Authorized Changes during their periodic visits to the project.

Each Resident Engineer Authorized Change stands on its own.

If, after a

Resident Resident decision Change.

Engineer Authorized Change decision has been made and documented, the Engineer finds it necessary to make a similar decision on the same project, that is considered independent of the previous Resident Engineer Authorized This means that each Resident Engineer Authorized Change is independent with

regard to dollars has documented

and individual pay quantities. On a project where a Resident Engineer several Resident Engineer Authorized Changes, it is possible that the

total overrun or underrun for individual Pay Items will exceed the 5% / $10,000 noted in Subsection 109.07(c)(2) of this Manual and require Explanations on Estimate. These explanations will simply be referenced to the Resident Authorized Changes affecting the Pay Items involved.

threshold the Final Engineer

(b) District Engineer Authorized Change Orders. All changes outside the Resident Engineer's scope of authority but less than $50,000, net total of all pay items, are authorized by the District Engineer except as limited by the following;

  • (1)

    If a change in funding is involved (i.e., participating to non-participating, etc.), an Assistant Chief Engineer authorized Change Order must be submitted regardless of the dollar value of the change.

  • (2)

    Increases in Contract Time, other than extensions for overruns and underruns, shall be Assistant Chief Engineer Change Orders if the CUMULATIVE total of the District Engineer authorized extensions exceeds $50,000 when the number of days of extension is multiplied by the daily amount of Liquidated Damages established by the Contract. Once the $50,000 limit is reached, all subsequent

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