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arrangements will be made through the Computer Services Division for repairs to be made. This will usually require that the machine be brought to the Central Office. A temporary loan of another machine may be made, if one is available. Repair work may cause files to be lost or destroyed from the hard disk. All files on the hard disk should be backed up (or copied to floppy diskettes) before sending the machine in for repair. Since the nature of the problem may prevent making copies at the time of breakdown, it is important that data files stored on the hard disk be backed up frequently.


126.02 AHTD ETickets System. recording and reporting all pay items

The AHTD ETickets that are measured by

System was developed weight in trucks. The

basic system has been furnished to all Resident Engineer offices for use on ALL projects for ALL such pay items. (Exceptions: Very small projects which contain only a few pay items may be handled manually. The manual daily report forms may also be used for those pay items for which the plan quantity is very small -- approximately 10 truck loads.

While prior approval is not required, with the Contract Estimates Section.)









The Palm M105 and m500 handheld devices that are to be used to create the data files for the system have been provided to each Resident Engineer's Office. If there are more hauls in progress than there are Palms available in a Resident Engineer's office, additional Palms may be borrowed from another office, if available. If additional Palms are not available, the reports must be completed by manually entering the load data into the PC or laptop computer from haul tickets.

The report files created on the PC by the ETickets System must be handled and retained in the same manner as Original Source Documents. To insure that these files are kept, they should be backed up frequently. Backup procedures are included in the “AHTD ETickets System User’s Guide - Office Version.”

Each Resident Engineer is responsible for taking whatever action is necessary to ensure that the Palm devices assigned to the Resident Engineer’s office are not

mishandled and are accounted for. management of an office's resources.

Loss of these


Protective covers


considered an inappropriate the Palm screens are available

through Office.

Mail and Supply. A protective case

Additional styluses may be obtained through the Construction has been provided with each Palm. The Palm is secured in the

case by Velcro and the case provides some shock protection to the the Palm should not be removed from the case during usage.

Palm device, therefore The Palms should be

protected from extreme during warm weather or

temperatures, such as being left on the dashboard left in a vehicle overnight during very cold weather.




126.03 Laptop Computers.

Laptop Computers should not be left overnight in

field offices or in vehicles and the computer should be kept in its case during transport. Anytime a vehicle is left unattended and the laptop is in it, the vehicle should be locked

and the laptop placed out of sight as much as possible. extreme heat or cold.

They should never be exposed to

Laptop Computers should be taken indoors to a secure location at nignt and when


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