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The Resident Engineer MUST use judgment and discrimination when electing not to submit a Change Order. For example, any “continuation” of intended work on items such as Stone Backfill, Concrete Patching, etc., may slowly (or quickly) begin to involve substantial cost increases. When a Resident Engineer observes this, it is well worth his time to rethink his position on submission of a Change Order.

When there is a doubt in the Resident Engineer’s mind about whether or not to submit a Change Order for a particular item of work, a Change Order probably should be submitted.

104.03 Preparation of the Change Order. (a) General. The Change Order consists of several parts, as follows:

  • Job Number, Job Name, FAP Number, etc. (This should include the (S) or (F) designation to identify State or Federal Oversight

  • Change Order Number (Numerical sequence per Job).

  • Location or Limits of Change.

  • Description of Change.

  • Reason for Change.

  • Summary, showing Specification Item Number, Item Unit, Unit Price, Present Quantity and Amount, Revised Quantity and Amount, Totals and Dollar Value of the Overrun or Underrun as the case may be.

Details of the completion of the Change Order forms and distribution are discussed in Subsection (b) below.

The Change Order shall be filled out in its entirety; it shall be concise in the Description; clear in the meaning and phrasing of the Reason for Change; and the Items, quantities, and money values accurate. The Check List shown in Figure 104-4 shall be completed and forwarded with the change order to the District Engineer. This checklist

is available on the Construction Drive of the LAN under the Misc (CSD4:\misc\chg_ordr\cklist.doc). The District Engineer will review the return it to the Resident Engineer after the change order has been approved.

subdirectory checklist and

One should not place any remarks, notes, computations, etc., on any part of the Change Order or attachments unless such additions are essential and necessary for attachment to and inclusion in the APPROVED copy. If this information is necessary for internal use during the course of review, it shall be submitted on a separate sheet accompanying the Change Order.

When a Change Order involves work requiring an item that is not contained in the original contract, a new unit price and a Supplemental Agreement will be required. The Item Number for the new item on the change order must be one of the Standard Specification Item Numbers, and/or an "SS" if the item is covered by a Supplemental Specification, and/or an "SP" if the item is covered by a Special Provision. When a new Supplemental Specification and/or Special Provision is required, it must be attached to the Change Order. Extra work paid for under a Supplemental Agreement shall be agreed

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