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materials and/or work is in "substantial compliance", appropriate documentation will be sent to the Resident Engineer by the Construction Office.

If it is decided to allow the material or work to remain in place at a reduced price, the State Construction Engineer will direct the Resident Engineer through the District Engineer to prepare a Change Order documenting the reduction in cost. Change Orders documenting acceptance of non specification material and/or work must have the following attachments:

  • A copy of the Memorandum from the State Construction Engineer authorizing the reduction.

  • A letter from the Prime Contractor agreeing to the reduction.

  • A copy of applicable test reports and/or other data documenting the non specification material and/or work.

  • Computations for the Item Deduction.


On jobs where Specifications contain a method of determining

adjustments for non complying work and the work Resident Engineer should hold the "Original" test documenting the price adjustment is approved. At that

requires a price reduction, the report until the Change Order time, the Resident Engineer is to

attach a copy of the approved Change Order to the test report and










submit them to from the State

Construction Engineer is not required to outlined in Subsection (a) above must be

accompany the Change Order. All other items submitted with the Change Order, including the

letter from the Prime Contractor.


For non complying materials which must be removed, the Resident

Engineer should hold the non complying test report until the required corrective action is completed. A note should then be placed on the test report indicating that the non complying material was removed and replaced. The note should also refer to the report

identification which covers testing of the replacement materials.

After the corrective

action is completed, payment shall be made for the quantity of the "Original" material.

105.04 Conformity with Environmental Commitments. All projects require the development of an Environmental document such as an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), Environmental Assessment (EA), or Categorical Exclusion (CE) during the planning stages in order to meet Federal requirements. The Environmental Division will distribute two final copies of EAs or EISs for specific projects (or group of projects) to the District at the completion of the planning stages of the project. The District Engineer will forward one copy of the EA or EIS to the Resident Engineer assigned to the project. The Resident Engineer should review this document and note any mitigation requirements contained in the document’s Commitment Section. Those commitments made during the planning process are required to be completed as a part of the project and should be included in the construction plans. The Environmental Division must be contacted, preferably by e-mail at environmentalclearance@ahtd.state.ar.us or telephone 569-2281 for final environmental clearance as a part of the Documentation for Final Estimates. Information to be submitted is the project number, project name, highway


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