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(b) Right of Way Markers and Monuments. Arkansas Law requires that a Registered Land Surveyor stake lands purchased and file a plat with the appropriate

jurisdiction. requirements

This includes Right contribute significantly

of Way purchased to the time and costs

by the Department. These of replacing R/W monuments

or stakes. permanently

The Engineer of Surveys assigns employees "MONUMENT" all Right-of-Way purchased by

of the

Surveys Division to Department. "Flush"

markers protected by a metal post with are generally used for this purpose.








Although any construction activity around monuments can be a source of problems, fencing and utility work are primary causes of destroyed monuments. Standard Drawings for fencing provide for the straddling of monuments to minimize their disturbance, and the Resident Engineer should make an effort to ensure that all Contractors are aware of and comply with the requirements contained in the Standard Drawings.

Before any utility work or contract work begins on a project, the monuments should be inventoried and a list made noting the location of any monuments which are missing or destroyed. This information shall be retained and the list updated whenever any monument is destroyed during construction or utility relocation. This list shall note who destroyed each monument and whether or not the responsible party has restored it in accordance with the governing specification. An Excel spreadsheet (Figure 105-1) is available on the LAN for this purpose (CSD4:\misc\rowmarkr.lzh). If the responsible party is unknown, this must be noted, but the Department expects that Resident Engineer inspection on projects will be thorough enough that this will occur only in isolated cases.

When a utility company or its contractor is found to have destroyed a survey monument on a project, the Resident Engineer should notify the AHTD Utility Section as quickly as possible.

THE RESPONSIBLE PARTIES SHALL BE REQUIRED TO PAY FOR OR TO RESTORE THESE MONUMENTS INSOFAR AS THE SPECIFICATIONS ALLOW. It is necessary to have an approved Change Order for an Item Deduction (ILD) on a Project's Estimate in order to recover money for monuments knocked out by the Contractor. If a Contractor requests permission to restore monuments, it will be necessary for the Resident Engineer to contact the Engineer of Surveys to determine if the Department has filed a plat.

As soon as all work that could disturb monuments is completed, the list shall be submitted to the Engineer of Surveys with a copy to the Construction Division. A

statement verifying that this has Refer to Subsection 109.07 of

been done is this Manual

to be submitted with the Final Estimate.







monumenting Division will,

has not been completed by the Surveys Division on a project, the Surveys upon request, provide the Resident Engineer with R/W plans noting those

monuments as soon as

that have been set. The Resident Engineer should notify the Surveys Division construction operations have been completed to the point that remaining

monuments can be set. Surveys Division normally does not until after construction work is complete. They typically only

set monuments on projects set flags on the Right-of


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