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105.09 Completion of Work. As the project is nearing substantial completion, the Resident Engineer is encouraged to schedule an informal meeting with the Contractor’s key personnel, the project inspection personnel, and the District Construction Engineer to review the work remaining and to discuss what can be done to expedite the completion of the work. The goal of this meeting would be to identify areas that each party may be aware of that needs to be addressed before a punchlist is written. Other Department, FHWA, City or County personnel who will take part in the final inspection should be encouraged to review the project before or immediately after substantial completion in order to obtain their input in the development of the punchlist.

When the project is determined to be substantially complete, the Resident Engineer shall compile a punchlist of work remaining and shall transmit this by letter to the Contractor. This letter shall contain a disclaimer concerning work required by the Specifications that is inadvertently omitted from the list and should be patterned after Figure 105-3. Every effort should be made to make the list complete and specific. After the Contractor completes all the work, the Resident Engineer shall schedule a Final Inspection as soon as practical.

The Resident Engineer will notify the District Engineer and the State Construction Engineer if the Contractor fails to either submit the plan for completing the items on the punchlist or does not begin the punchlist work within the 10 calendar period. The State Construction Engineer will confer with the Chief Engineer and a registered letter will be sent to the Contractor by the Chief Engineer giving the Contractor 10 days from receipt of the letter to submit the plan or to complete the punchlist work. Failure to comply with the Chief Engineer’s letter will result in the initiation of the default process.

105.10 Interim Inspections on State Oversight Projects on NHS Routes. As a part of the Project Oversight Plan with the FHWA, the District Engineer is responsible for conducting interim inspections on major phases of work on State Oversight, Federal-Aid projects on the National Highway System. Interim Inspections should be documented using the Construction Inspection Report form shown in Figure 105-4. The completed original of the Interim Construction Inspection Report form shall be sent to the Construction Office for distribution to appropriate parties.

105.11 Final Inspection. With regard to project acceptance for maintenance, all construction projects are divided into two categories: FHWA oversight and State Oversight. The category a project falls into can be readily determined by the "(F)" at the end of the project name if it is an FHWA Oversight project or the "(S)" at the end of the project name if it is a State Oversight project.

The Resident Engineer shall determine the date upon which the contract is substantially complete (normally when all pay items are complete -- Water for Grass is an approved exception), and shall cease any further time assessment. If the Resident Engineer feels that the project should be considered substantially complete before all pay items are complete, he should consult the District Engineer before making this determination. No time should be charged between the dates of substantial completion and final acceptance and the diary should note: "NO TIME CHARGED. JOB SUBSTANTIALLY COMPLETE".

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