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Reports on field tests (both verification and acceptance/verification tests) performed by Resident Engineer Personnel shall be dated and signed or initialed by the INDIVIDUAL PERFORMING THE TEST. The Resident Engineer will review and approve/disapprove test results on samples tested by his field personnel. This includes tests on aggregates, soils, asphalt mixtures, concrete cylinder compressive strength test results, and other project related test results obtained in the District Materials Laboratory. Complying test reports will be stamped "APPROVED, RESIDENT ENGINEER, XX" and signed by the Resident Engineer. Distribution shall be through the District Office to the Construction Office for test reports which report irregularities and/or check samples.

When irregularities are found which require a check sample and re-test, a clear explanation should be made in the remarks section of the report indicating the action taken. The report for the re-test should be marked "Check Sample" and referenced to the report for which the re-test is being made. If a material irregularity is found which requires a decision from higher authority, the procedures in Subsection 105.03 of this manual are to be followed.

Handling test reports in the prescribed manner is essential for the proper approval of all field tested material.

106.03 Rounding. With the implementation of contractor acceptance testing, the issue of when to round off test result values has become more important. Subsection 106.04 of the Standard Specifications provides instructions on the precision that test values are to be reported to and on proper rounding. The instructions contained in the Standard Specifications must be followed by both AHTD personnel and Contractor technicians.

106.04 Verification Testing. Under the Standard Specifications, the Department performs verification testing to verify the contractor’s testing equipment and procedures or verification and acceptance testing both to verify the Contractor’s testing equipment and procedures and for use in the acceptance of material. Frequencies for verification testing are established in the “Manual of Field Sampling and Testing Procedures.” For each pay item, the test methods specified in the appropriate section of the Standard Specifications must be used for verification testing as well as acceptance testing. Verification consists of comparing the results of the Engineer’s lot test or verification test to the average of the Contractor’s sublot tests. Split samples should not be used for verification purposes.

Although the Manual of Field Sampling and Testing establishes frequencies for verification testing, the Resident Engineer may obtain additional verification samples as desired. The Resident Engineer is strongly encouraged to perform additional verification testing when production of a material begins. This testing will verify the results of the Contractor’s test early on, rather than waiting until a certain amount of material has been produced.

Even though results from both the Contractor and the Engineer may indicate that the tested material complies with the Specifications, the Engineer’s test results may not verify those of the Contractor. Conversely, results from both the Contractor and the

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