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106.07 Use of Materials. Material identified by seal numbers and heat numbers, such as cement, asphalt, structural steel, metal pipe, etc., must have the identifying number checked against the appropriate test reports, invoice, etc. Some materials require significantly more detailed testing than others. The specific requirements for all materials are given in the sections of this manual pertaining to the material involved and in the "Manual of Field Sampling and Testing Procedures".

106.08 Use of Telephone to Confirm Approved Test Reports. The use of the telephone for receiving approved test results is authorized and is to be used to expedite the work. It is necessary to have knowledge of approved test results on all materials prior to their incorporation into the work, but oral approval via telephone is acceptable until written reports are received.

The receiving of approval by telephone does not mean that a written report is not necessary in the files. The Resident Engineer should notify the Materials Division if this written report is not received in a reasonable length of time.

Proper documentation in the Diary and other records of all telephone conversations is essential to the job files and this includes all test results received by this



Independent Assurance Sampling and Testing.


Assurance Samples shall be taken in accordance with instructions contained in the Manual of Field Sampling and Testing Procedures. For each project the Materials Division will prepare a list showing the number of Independent Assurance Samples required for each material and will distribute copies to the Resident Engineer, and the

District Materials Supervisor. the Contractor. The Materials and tested.

The Resident Engineer will Division will be responsible


a copy of this

list to

for these

samples being


The Resident Engineer will be responsible for notifying the District Materials Supervisor of the project progress and of the appropriate time for taking Independent Assurance Samples of each material. The District Materials Supervisor is responsible for taking the samples and testing them. He may obtain assistance from the Construction Office, other Materials Division personnel, District personnel, or other Construction personnel who are not assigned to the Resident Engineer responsible for the project.

The Resident Engineer should devote attention to scheduling the taking of

Independent Assurance Samples inspections should not be held on Assurance Samples are known.

so as projects

to avoid before the



results of


Contractor. Final on the Independent

The Materials Division will compare the results of the tests performed on the Independent Assurance Samples to the job acceptance and/or verification sample test results. The Materials Division will report the results of the Independent Assurance Samples to the Resident Engineer and FHWA, when requested on federally funded projects on the National Highway System. The Resident Engineer is responsible for forwarding a copy of the IAS results to the Contractor.

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