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106.14 Record of Materials Received & Tested. The Resident Engineer shall maintain in the job files copies of ALL test reports for ALL materials received and tested.

The Resident Engineer should also maintain for personal use such additional records or documentation as deemed necessary to assure that all material used has been tested and approved. A form for this purpose is available from the Construction Office and there are computerized forms that have been developed by various field personnel. The Resident Engineer may elect to use any, all or none of these forms; however, it remains the Resident Engineer’s responsibility to know that all material used has been tested and approved.

106.15 Materials for Buildings, Rest Areas, Landscaping, etc. On projects of this type, materials that are commonly used on normal highway construction jobs should be handled in the usual manner. A vast majority of the materials will be inspected and approved for use by the Resident Engineer in the field. A permanent record is to be kept by the Resident Engineer to document the basis of acceptance. Materials such as paint, door hardware, floor covering, roofing felt, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, glass, etc., if properly labeled or identified, can be approved for use by the Resident Engineer.

Literature describing items such as water coolers, air conditioning and heating units, sewage disposal arrangements, or any major component, is to be furnished to the Facilities Management Section of the Maintenance Division for review and approval. The Resident Engineer will inspect these items in the field for compliance with drawings or brochures approved by the Facilities Management Section. The Resident Engineer's inspection is to be documented in the permanent job records.

On items accepted by the Resident Engineer, a certification is to be written by the Resident Engineer to the Construction Engineer stating that he has inspected such items and that each item substantially conforms to the specifications. Figure 106-2 is a sample certification letter on several items which are to be incorporated into the job. Figure 106- 3 is a certificate on one item which may be used.

106.16 Materials for Signalization and Illumination. The procedures for acceptance of materials for Signalization and Illumination projects are described in the “Guide Schedule of Acceptance Sampling and Testing of Construction Materials” contained in the “Manual of Field Sampling and Testing Procedures”.

106.17 Acceptance of Small Quantities of Materials. Small quantities of miscellaneous materials may be accepted on the basis of one of the following methods:

  • 1.

    Acceptance on the basis of visual examination provided the source of supply is reliable and has recently furnished similar material found to be satisfactory under the Department's normal sampling and testing procedures.

  • 2.

    Acceptance on the basis of certification by the manufacturer or supplier that the material furnished complies with the specification requirements.

  • 3.

    Acceptance on the basis of visual examination and the Resident Engineer's Certification that the material:


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