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(g) Wage Rate and Classification Disputes. In investigating complaints with regard to wage difficulties, the Resident Engineer may be confronted with the problem of determining the actual classification in which an employee is working. Seldom is the issue clear-cut enough to clearly determine the classification in which the Contractor's employee fits. The Resident Engineer does not have information as to the duties of a carpenter's helper to compare with those of a carpenter, for example, so that final analyses in cases of wage disputes must be resolved by others. When a wage dispute arises, the Resident Engineer should immediately obtain and assemble all the information available and notify the District Engineer and the State Construction Engineer of the problem. Policies and previous determinations regarding wages and labor classifications are contained in the FHWA's Labor Compliance Manual.

(h) Reports. A Semi-Annual Labor Compliance Report (Figure 107-7) must be submitted summarizing all Federal Aid Projects. The State Construction Engineer will notify Resident Engineers when this is due.

    • 107.07

      Contract Training

      • (a)

        General. An Optional Training Program Special Provision (OTPSP) is included in

certain contracts and identifies the procedure for administering a training program.

(b) Pre-Construction Conference.

The Resident Engineer should review the












training classification selected will result in developing full crafts identified as critical by the Department in terms

journey level persons in of minority and female

underutilization. Contractor will

These critical be reimbursed

crafts are identified on the $2.00 per hour for each

first page hour that

of the OTPSP. The enrolled minorities

and/or females are trained in one of in classifications that are not listed

the on

listed classifications. the OTPSP, however

Training is also permitted no reimbursement will be

made for the training. insufficient time on the

Training should not be approved if it is project for a trainee to graduate from the

anticipated that there is training program. If the

OTCF is that will options:

acceptable, the Resident Engineer should request a copy of be utilized on the project. The Contractor can choose on

the one

training program of the following

  • Become a member of the Arkansas Chapter of the Associated General Contractors whose training program has been approved by the U. S. Department of Labor, Manpower Administration, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, and is periodically reviewed by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs.

  • Develop and submit a training program to the AHTD for approval.

  • Submit documentation of affiliation with an agency that has an approved training program. (This option is available only to out-of-state highway Contractors.) If the Contractor selects a training program that has not been approved by the

Department, the Resident Engineer should instruct the Contractor to submit the training program to the Department's EEO Section for review. The EEO Section will review and

submit the program to FHWA for review and receives FHWA concurrence, the Contractor will the training program has been approved for use on work. The

concurrence. Once the be informed by the EEO all Federal Aid highway

Department Section that construction

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