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The Resident Engineer should advise the Contractor of the consequences of noncompliance in the priority areas as noted in the table above and should also inform him that his organization and projects are subject to inspection by any or all of the following agencies in addition to the Department's inspection:

  • U. S. Department of Labor.

  • State OSHA Enforcement Office.

  • Federal Highway Administration.

The Contractor shall not be allowed to begin work on the project until the Contractor's Safety Program has been received and reviewed for content by the Resident Engineer. A copy of the Contractor's Safety Program is to be retained by the Resident Engineer in the job files.

(d) Accident Reporting. The Resident Engineer should review and document the field conditions after accidents within a Construction Zone. The condition and placement of Traffic Control Devices before and after the accident should be noted in the Project Diary.

The proper reporting of major occurrences and catastrophes and the notification of State and Federal officials is necessary for implementing emergency procedures.

FHWA Order 5180 1E (Figure 107-19) provides seven types of accidents/incidents to

reported. In addition incidents/accidents must

to those listed in Figure be reported immediately:





be of

  • any accident involving an AHTD employee or AHTD equipment,

  • an incident that will require a major highway to be closed for four hours or more,

  • an incident causing major damage to a highway structure

  • a fatality in a maintenance or construction work zone

Such events shall be reported to the District immediately using the form shown in Figure 107-20. If the District cannot be contacted, the incident should be reported to the Telecommunications Operator at 501-569-2469 or by radio to Little Rock Central.

When the status of an incident changes, and updated report should be submitted, such as when the highway is reopened to traffic. Such updates should be submitted to the Telecommunications Operator in a timely manner.

In addition, if a fatal traffic accident occurs in a Construction Zone, the Resident Engineer shall immediately notify the Maintenance Division of the date and location. An on-site inspection of the accident location should be made by representatives of the Maintenance Division and the Resident Engineer.

If a Construction Zone experiences a significant accident rate, the Resident Engineer should report this condition to the Maintenance Division. A review of these accidents should be handled in the same manner as the review of fatal accidents in Construction Zones.

The findings and recommendations of the study of fatal traffic accidents and high accident rate locations in Construction Zones will be summarized by the Maintenance Division and transmitted to the Resident Engineer for appropriate action, if any.


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