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Jim Knoke has been a volunteer with WTA since April 20, 1996, when he worked on the Baker River Trail with Greg Ball as the crew leader. Jim is a regular member of the “Thurs- day Crew” in the Puget Sound area. People who know Jim know that he likes to move rock—the bigger, the better. On more than one occasion, Jim has tackled boulders that others had deemed “unmoveable.” Upon returning to the work site, you will find that the rock has not only been removed from the trail, but also placed in a new location that helps to support the tread.

Jim has shown great dedication to this orga- nization over the last thirteen years—as impres- sive as all the rock walls he has had a hand in constructing. Jim has spent 675 days on trail.

Jim Knoke

Pete Dewell started with WTA in the late 1990s. He quickly earned his personalized hard hat, then his orange hat and, finally, that elu- sive blue hat, denoting chief crew leader status. Since that time he has become known as the Patron Saint of Trails, keeping a watchful eye on the sign-ups and putting himself forward when that flashing box says “crew leaders needed.”

He’s spent a 735 volunteer days on trail. It has become a tradition to depend on Pete.

Pete Dewell

January + February 2010 » Washington Trails

WTA at Work

When a crew leader went down with a bad back he was heard to shout as he hit the ground: “Tell Pete. He’ll cover for me!”

Pete is willing to do whatever WTA needs most and that includes everything from pro- vinding pro-bono legal counsel to dressing like Santa to deliver gifts to volunteers. Pete is also the author of Tread and Retread the Trails. (You can purchase this trail maintenance manual di- rectly from Pete. Look for him on a work party near you!)

Bill Sunderland has been with WTA since April 24, 1995, when he took part in a Earth Day event for University of Washington gradu- ate students. He is now Bill Sunderland, Ph.D., also known as “Cyanzgai” or, by select volun- teers, as “Marshmallow Bill.” He can always be counted on for his ability to assess perplexing problems, such as how many Chevy Suburbans could be supported by a bridge in the Dar- rington District.

He has served as a Volunteer Vacations crew leader, a day-trip crew leader and an assistant crew leader many times over. All the while, he has mentored some of our best crew leaders and assistant crew leaders. His running total is 565 volunteer days in the field. t

Volunteer Vacation Schedule 2010

The 2010 Volunteer Vacation and Youth Vacation schedule will be available at online on WTA’s website on February 1. You will then have one week to match the trip dates with your ideal summer schedule before the schedule goes “live” for sign-ups on February 8.

You’ll find your usual favorites along with some stunning new locations. The common theme for all of our trips: these trails need mainte- nance–ranging from log-out and bridge repair to brushing and drainage work.

Note: Some trips do fill quickly, but you can call us to be added to a wait list. In 2009, most of our wait list volunteers had an opportunity to join their first- choice trip.

Bill Sunderland

The End of the Trail

O u r s m a l l y e a r - r o u n d r e s o r t i s t h e h i k e r s p e r f e c t r e s t i n g s p o t . C h a r m i n g c h a l e t s u i t e s & a r o m a n t i c H o n e y m o o n C a b i n . A h e a t e d p o o l & h o t t u b . E v e n i n g a c t i v i t i e s s u c h a s b a r b e c u e s & b o n f i r e s . W e e v e n h a v e a g r e a t 1 9 2 0 s l o d g e f o r g r o u p g a t h e r i n g s . C o m e s t a y .

www.altacrystalresort.com 1-800-277-6475

In the Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie Nat’l forest under a USFS special use permit


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