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Trail Maintenance Hall of Fame Inductees

Crosscut Saw Club Recognition of 500 or more volunteer days. W A has the pleasure of having exceptionally dedicated volunteers who have contributed 500 + days to trail maintenance across the state.

Pete Dewell, Jim Knoke, Mike Owens, Bill Sun- derland

Grand Ridge Trail’s Canyon Creek Bridge Now Complete

Bridge Statistics

Two cedar log stringers: 40 feet long and 6,000 pounds each

Two cedar log sills: 8 feet long and 1,000 pounds each

More than 200 square feet of ce- dar decking milled on site

5 tons of rock fill

76 volunteers

Over a three-week period during the fall of 2009, WTA volunteers and King County trail crew members worked to complete the in- stallation of this bridge, which closes another gap in the Grand Ridge Trail. WTA has been working on this trail, which extends from Interstate 90 to Duthie Hill Park, in Sam- mamish over several past winters.

The crew’s first task was setting the sills— the support beams—in place on both sides of the creek and then carefully winching the stringers—the two main logs of the bridge— across with a grip hoist. Other volunteers simultaneously built a puncheon structure across a wet area leading up to one bridge approach and improved the trail conditions and alignment at the opposite approach. Another group mined rock from a spot about a quarter-mile up the trail and transported it down to the bridge site until they had enough rock to fill in the approaches. With all the structural elements in place, a dedi- cated crew installed all the decking which had been milled on site the previous fall. The last task was to put in a sturdy handrail for safety while crossing the bridge. After working in typical rainy fall weather, the sun came out and shined brightly as we installed the handrail.

This is one of the larger structures that WTA has constructed. It is an impressive, handsome and useful bridge. It is also a strong testament to the dedication, hard work and skill of all the WTA volunteers who helped to complete this project. t

Full Bench Club Recognition of 250 or more volunteer days. A full bench is constructed by cutting the full width of the tread into the hillside. Full-bench construction requires more effort and time up front but is more durable over time.

Rose Alfred, Richard Axon, Chris Bell, Bob Bliesner, Jim Boyce, Chad Creamer, Pete Dewell, Laurie Hill, Joe Hofbeck, Jim Knoke, Janice O’Connor, Mike Owens, Steve Sallee, Bud Silli- man, Jim Springberg, Gary Stock, Bill Sunder- land, Ted Wendel, Gary Zink

Trail Crew Saw Recognition of 50 or more volunteer days. The fol- lowing volunteers earned personalized hand saws in 2009.

Jane Baker, Shane Ballweg, Walter Dawson, Kara Chin, Rod Farlee, Dave Harrington, Sandra Hays, John Hultquist, David Kessler, Richard Mellon, Carol Miltimore, James Miltimore, Charles Minor, Richey Morgan, Robert Plaag, Bret Richmond, Sonya Rodgers, Jay Setzer

Trail Crew Vests Recognition of 25 or more volunteer days. The fol- lowing volunteers earned a W A logo vest in 2009.

Tad Anderson, Denise Beardslee, Karen Behm, Clifford Clark, John Clark, Sally Davies, Jim Davis, Paul Dini, Barbara Eller, Philippe Enos, Cheli Evans, Geoff Filion, Tomoe Humphres, Carol Johnson, Gregory Kamer, Michaelene Kedzierski, Ted Klump, Patrick J. Koepsell, Steven Leifheit, Tom Mayernik, Max Miner, Ken Mondal, Mizuho Naka, Jonathan Papageorge, Bret Richmond, Alan Rither, Ed Rozmyn, Mia J Rozmyn, Virginia Sarver, Rik Scairpon, Paul Scheiner, Jim Scrafford, Jay Setzer, Daniel Weinstein

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