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24 » On Trail

Hold It Steady

Setting your camera on a stable surface will allow you to take longer exposures with a timer or a remote re- lease and will improve your results. The more you want to enlarge your prints, the sharper the original has to be. Use a bulb setting here so that you can hold your exposure for as long as you need. (Not all cameras will have these options, so look for these features if you are purchasing a new one.)

Carrying a tripod will do wonders for your photos, but it doesn’t exactly fit into the “go light” mode of travel. Even an ultralight tripod will start to feel heavy on a long trip.

Many lightweight alternatives to tripods are available. The lightest versions are usually made to set on the ground or atop bigger objects afield. Some newer models can be fastened to limbs, rails, or other objects. Try to find a balance between what you’re happy to carry and what safely works. Many beautiful shots have been taken with a camera set carefully on a rock or other avail- able “nature-pod” for long exposures.

January + February 2010 » Washington Trails


FIRST PRIZE • FLORA AND FAUNA Green heron and tadpole. Tadpole loses. Juanita Bay Park. Michael Myers

HONORABLE MENTION • HIKERS IN ACTION Hiking in the wilderness. Bumping Lake. Jeff Goulden

WILDERNESS LANDSCAPE Slot Slough. Hoh Rain Forest. Olympic National Park. Michael Myers

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