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January + February 2010 » Washington Trails

Recipes » Sarah Kirkconnell Author, Trail Food Made Simple

Depending on what you are up to, winter can call for feasting or more restrained caloric intake. Pick the backcountry meal that suits your needs.



Spam-Tastic Fried Rice

Cherry Chicken Couscous

In a quart freezer bag: 1 ½ cups instant rice ½ cup freeze-dried mixed vegetables 1 Tbsp. chives 2 tsp. low sodium beef or chicken bouillon ½ tsp. granulated garlic ¼ tsp. red pepper flakes ¼ tsp. powdered ginger ¼ tsp. sugar

In a quart freezer or sandwich bag: 1 cup whole wheat couscous ½ cup chopped pitted dried cherries 1 Tbsp. diced dried onion 1 ½ tsp. low-sodium chicken bouillon 1 tsp. dried parsley 1 tsp. True Lime or Lemon powder 1/2 tsp. granulated garlic

Also take: 1 - 2 packets soy sauce 1 Spam Single packet 1 Tbsp. or 1 packet vegetable oil 2 fresh eggs

Also take: 1 Tbsp. or 1 packet olive oil 1 5-ounce can or 7-ounce pouch chicken

One-pot method: Bring 1 1/2 cups water, oil and chicken with broth to a boil in your pot.

Bring 2 cups water to a near boil. Add to the rice bag, stir well, seal tightly and put in a cozy for 15 minutes to rehydrate.

Add the dry ingredients, stir well, cover tightly and turn off the heat. Let sit for 10 min- utes, fluff up.

Heat the oil over a medium flame in a non- stick trail wok or 2-liter pot and add the Spam. Cube up and stir-fry till turning golden. Add in the cooked rice and stir constantly till smelling great. Splash on the soy sauce to taste and mix in.

Insulated mug method: Add 1 1/2 cups boiling water, oil and chicken with broth to the dry ingredients in a large mug. Stir well, cover tightly and let sit for 10 minutes. Fluff up.

Make a hole in the center and crack the eggs into it. Start scrambling them and then toss with the rice. Pull off the heat as soon as the eggs are setting up.

Freezer bag method: Add 1 1/2 cups near-boiling water, oil and chicken with broth to the bag. Stir well, seal tightly and put in a cozy for 10 minutes. Fluff up.

Serves two.

Serves two.

Preparation Notes Spam Singles are sold in the pouched/canned meat aisle. Find freeze-dried vegetables by Just Tomatoes at many local grocery stores and REI.

Fresh eggs carry well in the cooler months; just cut off part of a cardboard egg box and carry in your pot, padded with paper towels.

Preparation Notes Find True Lime and Lemon powder in the sugar aisle.

For the chicken, look for 5-ounce cans with pop tops or preferably the easy-to-use 7-ounce pouches.


Milkshake News

59er Diner Sells More Than 25,000 Shakes in 2009

At 11:10 a.m. on Saturday, November 14, a local patron named Sara ordered a chocolate peanut butter shake at the 59er Diner. This was no ordinary milkshake, however. It was the 25,000th shake they’d sold that year.

Each year since they opened in 1994, the 59er Diner, located at Cole’s Corner on U.S. Highway 2, has sold more milkshakes than they sold the prior year. This progress is meticulously charted on the restaurant’s wall.

The 59er had been anxiously awaiting the moment when shake number 25,000 would be sold, encourag- ing diners to share their guess for the actual time of delivery. According to Joe Cannata, owner of the 59er, “We’d never sold 25,000 shakes in a year before, so, in a way, hosting a contest about when we’d reach that number was a little gutsy, but we did it! ”

Crystal Jackson from Silverdale guessed November 14 at noon and won dinner, a T-shirt and a night’s stay in one of the 59er Diner’s cabins.


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