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January + February 2010 » Washington Trails

Hiker impressed by the Big Four Ices Caves. Photo by Steve Payne.

  • No long, washboarded gravel approach

road. It’s just a few hundred feet off the Moun- tain Loop Highway.

  • Lots of comfortable spots to rest.

  • It’s pretty short (5.4 miles), so easy to do on

a short winter’s day with time left to circum- navigate the lake or just sit and admire the view.

  • The trail extends all the way around the

lake; much of this lake trail is on wooden walk- ways.

  • Foot traffic only—no rude bikers, no horse

apples to step in.

Many winter hikes like this one wouldn’t make my summer list, but this one would. Highly recommended!

Central Cascades

3 Big Four Ice Caves

5 Wallace Falls

Green Trails Silverton 110

Green Trails Index 142

November 8, 2009 by Dylan

November 15, 2009 by The Seattle Explorer

Beware of: Mud holes, washouts, water on trail, snow on trail

Originally started the day planning to go to Mount Pilchuck but decided to go where the snow was and boy were we pleasantly sur- prised. Although I have not been here during the summer, there is something to be said about the fresh snow-covered trails and the clouds gracing the mountains.

Trail is in good condition, no real problems at all. Saw the WTA crew clearing the trail and drainage, thanks guys!

Beautiful falls, worth the little added effort to get to the upper falls.

6 Barclay Lake, Eagle Lake

Green Trails Monte Cristo 143

The trails were very wet but given all the wooden/bridged paths it is not too bad. But the plus side to all the water is there were dozens of waterfalls that ordinarily would not have been there. Overall a fun hike!

November 4, 2009 by Janice Van Cleve

Talk about mushrooms! The Angel Wings mushrooms were so plentiful that after I filled two sandwich bags, my hiking partner had to keep me in check with the command “Leave it!”

4 Lake Twentytwo Green Trails Silverton 110

November 3, 2009 by terpene

This is a great hike for the winter season, reaching only 2,400 feet of elevation, yet with a nice lake nestled at the foot of Mount Pilchuck. But that’s not the only attraction—it passes through a beautiful old-growth forest rife with waterfalls along Twentytwo Creek and is one of the most beautifully engineered trails I’ve ever seen. More pluses:

Barclay Lake is an easy 4-mile round trip with little elevation gain and plenty of lush mosses, deep dark forests, and little holes under tree roots that any hobbit would enjoy. The trail to the lake is dry and well maintained with lots of fresh turnpikes. There is only one spot where an upended tree root damaged the path. The lake has many good campsites, pleasant beaches, and the stunning face of Mount Bar- ing overhead. That’s the easy part. The way to Eagle Lake is altogether different.

At the far end of Barclay Lake is a sign for a



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