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8 Bullitt Fireplace, Central

Peak, Chybinski Loop Green Trails Cougar Mountain, Squak Mountain 203S

October 27, 2009 by whitebark

It was a crisp, showery kind of day on Squak Mountain, nice for a short hike. The maples are putting on quite a show of reds and yellows. The fall color show may be history in the high Cascades, but in the Issaquah Alps the autumn foliage is just reaching its peak. The creeks on Squak have come alive after the recent heavy rains. Just a few weeks ago Chybinski Creek was bone-dry, but now it is a lively little brook. However, the soils were so dry after the long hot summer that even the recent storms have not fully saturated Squak’s hillsides. All that new fancy drainage work on the trails has not been really tested yet.

This was sort of a working hike for me, as I wanted to fix some drainage problems on the Chybinski Loop trail. Certainly nothing needs to be done on the Bullitt Fireplace Trail, which has received extensive maintenance work lately. About the only problem is that the recent storms have resulted in a few blowdowns on the trail. Incidentally, I think that there has been a nomenclature change with this trail— there is no longer a “Bullitt Access” trail any- more; it’s “Bullitt Fireplace” all the way down to Mountainside Drive.

The Central Peak Trail has also received needed drainage work. It’s looking really good and is a pleasure to hike on. The west side of the Chybinski Trail, beyond the block house, has been neglected lately, but I managed to clean out some dysfunctional drain dips. There is a big blowdown on the West Access Trail a hundred yards below the Chybinski junction.

9 Middle Fork Snoqualmie

River, Taylor River Green Trails Mount Si 174

November 12, 2009 by Janice Van Cleve

There is a sign on the Middle Fork Snoqualm- ie Road at the Mailbox trailhead announcing that the road is closed 5.2 miles further on. Sure enough, there is a gate with a Fish & Wildlife ranger there to turn you around. Many dump trucks on the road, indicating that they are doing massive repairs further on. The ranger said they would have the Middle Fork Road and the Taylor River Road open by spring. The road between the Mailbox trailhead and the ranger is open and clear and has loose gravel in places making driving like on sand dunes.

January + February 2010 » Washington Trails

10 Snoqualmie Mountain

Green Trails Snoqualmie Pass 207

November 3, 2009 by Norm

Fair weather climbers that we are it was a great day to head for the mountains. I picked the mountain and Ralph agreed to go when I told him there was a trail all the way. We left Alpental ski area about 9 a.m. and headed up the steepest part to the ridge at 5,000 feet. Snow was first seen about 4,100 feet but the open, south-facing slope was mostly clear above 5,000 feet. Snow depth increased on the summit block with about five inches at the top (6,278 feet). Temperature was about 30°F with a brisk easterly wind. We had lunch on the west side, out of the wind, and took a lot of pictures since the views were great. We went back down fol- lowing the unofficial trail taken on our ascent, arriving at Alpental parking at 3 p.m., and home by 4:15.

Olympic Peninsula

11 Lower Tunnel Creek Green Trails Tyler Peak 136

November 15, 2009 by Trail Angel


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