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January + February 2010 » Washington Trails

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New Year, New Plans

This summer, I absolutely will spend a summer weekend camping on the Pacific Coast. And, I will hike up Desolation Peak, after paddling a canoe across Ross Lake to reach the trailhead. This particular pair of trips has been on my list for several sum- mers, but for some reason I miss them each year. (I wonder if I am subconsciously afraid of water?)

On my last trip to a bookstore, I was over- whelmed by the number of travel and adven- ture books that lead you around the globe to see and experience a dizzying array of places and adventures. It’s not just 1,000 Places to See Before You Die anymore. Now, there are Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips, A Year of Adventures: Lonely Planet’s Guide to Where, What And When to Do It, and dozens and dozens more.

I am also determined to smell the lupines that line the Skyline Divide Trail and enjoy the great views of the northern Olympics that I’ve heard so much about. For that matter, I’d really like to hike across the Olympics, once and for all, from east to west or north to south, or any which direction that takes me all the way across. (That trip has been on the list six years running, so we’ll just have to see.) At the risk of heresy, I’ll admit that I’ve never been to the Goat Rocks Wilderness, so a few days there is certainly in order, too.

As I am working on climbing some accu- mulation of the highest 100 peaks in Wash- ington, each summer I try to get a few more of these peaks bagged, too. Working to clear an avalanche off the trail that leads to Bo- nanza Peak puts that climb high on my list for 2010. Visiting Copper Basin on that same trip puts Copper Peak and Mount Fernow on the must-climb short list, too.

In this issue, we’ll indulge in a little of that desire to see and do it all.

To wit, on Page 6, you’ll find hiking resolu- tions from fellow magazine readers and WTA fans and on Page 17 you can read about a WTA member who attained her hiking goal this past year. In the news from our trail maintenance department, you can read about four people who’ve done an overwhelming amount of trail work in their lifetimes and aren’t about to stop. Our special feature showcases all the winning images from our recent nature photography contest; each photo here captures a special place in Wash- ington that you don’t want to miss. And, finally, on Page 46, you’ll read about adven- turers Erin McKittrick and Bretwood Higman, who resolved to travel from Seattle to Alaska, completely by their own muscle power.

That’s the problem with beautiful, wild places. Seeing one stretch is never good enough. You just want to see more.

I hope you enjoy it all and find some inspi- ration, too. Whatever you have set out to do this year, find a way.

Apparently, hikers aren’t alone in this insa- tiability.


Second Beach. Photo by Guy Crilly.

Lace Thornberg

Editor editor@wta.org

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