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Washington is a beautiful state!

  • Rachel

Zamora Phillipps

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I n 2 0 1 0 , I w i l l . . . W T A m e m b e r s a n d f a n s s h a r e t h e i r h i k i n g r e s o l u t i o n s

How far will your hiking take you in 2010? WTA asked our readers, web- site visitors and fans on social media to share their goals with us.

I’m going to walk to the top of a mountain, preferably McGregor, in recognition of the fact that it will be one of my last summers being 40-something.

  • Andrea G. Menin

My hiking resolution is to continue into 2010 what I started in 2009: hike at least twice a month, no matter the weather, and keep my hiking meetup group running strong for those of us who aren’t hard-core marathon hikers.

  • Alecia J. Rivas-Berry

I have joined the Y in order to get and stay in shape well before our peak hiking opportunities in the summer. I resolve to stick with staying in shape in 2010 for bet- ter hiking times.

  • Greta Roussos Cosby

Hike to Scatter Lake again, but spend two days at the top. One was not enough.

  • Lori Scott Brett

1) Take my mom on her first backpack- ing trip this summer. 2) Go on at least 3 overnights and one multi-night. 3) Go on at least five hikes I’ve never done in the Cas- cades. 4) Do a coast/beach overnight.

  • Jen L

At least one overnight backpack trip in 2010. I’ve been wanting to do it for years but have only been out day hiking or car camping.

  • Jessica Bush

In 2010, I resolve to have hiked all the wild, roadless areas of northeast Wash- ington that are close to finally obtaining protection under the Wilderness Act...IF we speak up for them.

  • Crystal Gartner

Train more. With weight. Uphill. WAY uphill.

  • Andy Kegel

Rock the Oyster Dome with no stops!

  • Valerie Shannon

Continue hiking or walking to continue los- ing weight and get into shape, but also to see the wonderful and amazing sights that are on these trails that take your breathe away. Washington is a beautiful state!

  • Rachel Zamora Phillipps

In 2008, I said 100 Washington state hikes in ten years!

  • Krystal Miller

Camp at least one night at Snow Lake. Climb the fire tower on Mount Pilchuck. Go on at least one overnight hike with my soon-to-be-four-year-old son, and take my soon-to-be-born baby daughter to the top of Lord Hill at least once.

  • Christian Jacobsen

Take as many friends and family members hiking as I can, and try to do two to three hikes every month.

  • Donald Shank

Hike the PCT, one county at a time!

  • Adam Thomas

To spend more time prowling around the new Wild Sky Wilderness and the not-so- new Pasayten Wilderness.

  • Allison Woods

Most of these resolutions came from our Facebook fan base. Are you on Facebook? Become a Fan of WTA.

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