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airborne vehicles in Saxony] (Regierungspräsidium Dresden, 7.4.08), cited in: German Language UAV Working Group: ILA 2008 – UAV DACH (Conference, 30.5.08), p. 5 [43] Institut für Zukunftsstudien und Technologiebewertung: Jahresbericht 2008 [Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment (IZT): Annual Report 2008], Berlin 2009, p. 82 [44] ibid., p. 83. This is possible, interestingly, the IZT annual reports claim this since 2006 in exactly the same working - in relation to lighter-than-air technologies, see www.izt.de/suche/ (search term: Drohnen) [45] UAV DACH (ed.): Eine Initiative zur Integration von UAVs in den zivilen Luftraum [An initiative for the integration of UAV into civil managed airspace] (Issue 6, March 2008), p. 2 [46] Giemulla, E.M.: An Approach of amending National Law (Presentation at ILA conference, 30.5.08), Berlin, p. 8ff [47] Seif, A.: AIR4ALL Status of the EDA Study after 2nd Stakeholder Meeting (Presentation at ILA conference, 30.5.08), Berlin, p. 17 [48] "Contributions from social sciences and humanities are particularly welcome: on the necessity and acceptance of security solutions", Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung: Forschung für die zivile Sicherheit. Programm der Bundesregierung [Federal Ministry for Education and Research: Research for Civilian Security. Programme of the Federal Government], Berlin 2007, p. 13 [47] Rachel, T.: Zivile Sicherheitsforschung als Teil der Hightech-Strategie Deutschlands [Civil security research as part of Germany's high-tech strategy] (Speech during the Petersburg 'Dialog der Sicherheits- und wehrtechnischen Wirtschaft' [Dialogue of security and military economy'] NRW, 9.6.08), Bonn [50] Government reply to parliamentary question, BT-Drs. 16/13609 v. 1.7.09, p. 3 [51] ibid. [52] e.g. the Preparatory Action for Security Research (PASR, 2004-2006); see European Security Research Advisory Board (ed.): Meeting the Challenge: the European Security Research Agenda, Luxembourg 2006; Hayes, B.: Arming Big Brother: The EU's Security Research Programme, Amsterdam 2006; Statewatch (ed.): Neoconopticon. The EU-Security Complex, London 2009 [53] France, Israel and Italy hold the majority of shares; 45 per cent of all projects are coordinated by French companies. [54] For the civil use of UAVs, the German Aerospace Industries Association (BdLI) assumes that this will still 25 years, the UAV Europe believes market domination is possible from 2013 onwards. [55] see www.bdli.de/index.php?option=com_bdliboard&view=forums&Itemid=15 [56] Küke, R.: Bericht aus dem BDLI Fachausschuss UAS [Report from the BdLI expert committee] (Presentation at ILA conference, 30.5.08), Berlin, p. 4 [57] Schiebel GmbH (A), RUAG Aerospace Defence Technology, Swiss UAV (CH), ADSE Consultancy and Engineering Services, NLR (NL), AutoFlug, Diehl BTG Defence, DFS, DLR, EADS, EMT, ESG, IABG, OHB-System AG, Rheinmetall Defence Electronics, STEMME UMS (D) [58] Küke ibid. (Fn. 56), p. 4; see Bothmer, B.: Deutschsprachige Arbeitsgruppe für Unbemannte Luftfahrtzeuge. Eine Initiative zur Integration von UAVs im zivilen Luftraum [German Language Working Group for Unmanned Aircraft Systems. An initiative for the integration of UAVs into civil managed airspace] (Information event at the ILA conference on 17.5.06), Berlin, p. 16 [59] van Blyenburgh, P.: UVS International. Promoting International Coordination & Cooperation, Paris 2008, p. 78 [60] ibid., p. 80 [61] ibid., p. 79


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