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implications of civil unmanned vehicles], BT-Drs. 16/12404, 24.3.09, p. 8: "From 1998 to 2009, the interior ministry procured altogether 28 remotely-controlled unmanned vehicles, so-called mobile remote manipulation of the company TELEROB from Ostfildern." [6] Gordon, N.: The Political Economy of Israel's Homeland Security/Surveillance Industry, Alberta 2009, p. 9, www.surveillanceproject.org/projects/ [7] Intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR), see: Teal Group Corporation ibid. (Fn. 2), p. 1 [8] Some sources cite Austria's attack on Venice with hot-air balloons in 1845 as the first incident of UAV usage, see www.ctie.monash.edu/hargrave/rpav_home.html# [9] Heider, D.: Drohnen im zivilen und militärischen Einsatz [Drones in civil and military deployment], Münster 2006, p. 6 [10] ibid., p. 3 ff. [11] In October 2008, the German army procured a further 19 FanCopter systems and in July 2009, 4 LUNA systems (40 airborne vehicles, 8 ground stations) from the










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penzberg.de/fileadmin/presse/Pressemitteilung_LUNA_07_2009.pdf [12] see www.rheinmetalldetec.de/index.php?fid=2536&lang=2&pdb=1 [13] SAATEG XII: List, 19 June 2009: the offer by Diehl BTG and General Atomics to deliver the competing Predator B, it was argued, was therefore void: "The background apparently was that the Hamburger Kahrs (with the express support of [transl.: former minister of defence] Peter Struck and initiated by the Bremen- based MP Volker Kröning) intends to create an expert centre for a future ('German') aviation technology in northern Germany (Rheinmetall Bremen), which would compete with southern German companies (EADS, Diehl). […] Within a day, the 'Predator B presentation' by the ministry of defence had been rewritten as 'Heron 1' and signed by [transl.: then defence] minister Jung." www.geopowers.com/Machte/Deutschland/Rustung/Rustung_2009_II/rustung_2009 _ii.html [14] UAV Demonstrator Barracuda, www.eads.com/1024/de/homepage.html [15] Das fliegende Auge – Zugführer bei einer Drohnenbatterie [The flying eye - chief guard of a drone infantry], www.deutschesheer.de/ [16] see www.rheinmetall-detec.de/index.php?fid=1189&lang=2&pdb=1 [17] Government reply to a parliamentary question by the Left Party Die Linke: Nutzung des deutschen Luftraums durch Drohnen [The use of German airspace for drones], BT-Drs. 16/13609 v. 1.7.09, S. 2 [18] Stieglitz, K.: The Luftwaffe Perspective on UAVs [The Airforce's position on UAVs], in: RUSI Defence Systems, 2007, no. 9/3, p. 34 [19] Teal Group Corporation ibid. (Fn. 2), p. 1 [20] New Ways to Kill Terrorists, www.forbes.com/global/2009/0713/military- defense-sur veillance-drone-target-terrorists.html; see Süddeutsche Zeitung, 30.12.09 [21] Suspected U.S. Drones Kill at Least 44 in Pakistan, www.washingtonpost.com; CIA: Our Drones are Killing Terrorists. Promise, www.wired.com/dangerroom/2009/05/ [22] CIA Expands Use of Drones in Terror War, http://articles.latimes.com/2006/jan/ [23] Bone, E.; Bolkcom, C.: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ibid. (Fn. 1), p. 14 [24] Arkin, R.C.: Governing Lethal Behaviour: Embedding Ethics in a Hybrid Deliberative/Reactive Robot Architecture (Technical Report GIT-GVU-07-11), Georgia Institute of Technology 2007, p. 98; see Taylor, R.M.: Human Automation Integration for Supervisory Control of UAVs, in: Virtual Media for Military Applications (Meeting Proceedings RTO-MP-HFM-136, Paper 12), Neuilly-sur-Seine


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