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Ray Kurzweil (futurist), who has been initiating longevity projects which may be found on the internet.

Kirkegaard, who claimed that the moment was “too late for the gods but too soon for just being.”

There is Hope

To Abrams, even though there are catastrophes all around us, there is another side to the picture. Spirituality is alive and well and there is hope if we gather our spiritual resources. Believers in the Mayan Calendar tell us that our brains/consciousness may be effected by new wave patterns and time acceleration which come as the earth enters the ninth and final phase of the 26 000 year cycle in December 2012. Will this help humanity in its new psychology?

Concerning our spiritual skills, Abrams recommends “being present with what is” as therapy. He mentions Buddha answering a question as to who he is by saying he is “awake” and that “we are what we think, having become what we thought.

Tibetan Buddhists believe that one of the greatest obstacles to enlightenment is the judgements of others and that the way of the Tao is “allowing.” In the Course in Miracles we are told that the end of judgement is coming. On this topic Jung wrote about humanity‚Äüs tendency to polarize our thinking, to embrace one side and to condemn the other, as the real world problem (Aion, chapter xiii). Abrams quotes Edinger about the Self coming into “collective awareness, as the incarnation of the God-image with all its paradoxical ambiguity, a God who unites within himself both good and evil” that is, has uncovered and owned the Shadow. As it says in the Course in Miracles: “Remember you are His completion … your weakness is His strength” (Volume 3, p. 68).

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