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To open mozone click on the icon and select “Options” “View Settings”. You will be prompted to enter your password. Here you will be able to view and change mozone settings.

See 12 How it works and 24 View/ Change mozone settings for more information.


mozone will block access to all premium rate services, which are sent and received by SMS message.

If you have any SMS subscription services and are receiving these messages after installing mozone, these will be blocked by mozone and deleted before you can view them. You will also be charged for these blocked messages.

If you do not want premium rate messages to be blocked, you can turn-off mozone’s premium SMS filtering on the handset (password required).

If you want to stop specific premium SMS services you will need to send “STOP” to the number of the subscription provider. mozone will show you this number when it blocks a premium rate SMS.

If mozone does not install correctly or you have problems accessing mozone after installation See 8 Help! I am having problems installing mozone


Once mozone is installed

mozone is installed with a default profile which controls what protection mozone enables. See Section 5 What are the profile settings for details on what the default settings are.

Once mozone has been successfully installed on your handset, mozone will communicate with Leopard

Labs when:

- -

The phone is turned on mozone goes from disabled/ exit to enabled



e u s e r i s I n t e r n e t b r

o w s i n g

Mobile Carriers may charge for mozone’s data usage, estimated to be about 20KB (kilobytes) at least once per day, and the cost of this is dependent on the amount of activity described above.

mozone receiving updated settings from Leopard Labs

mozone sending activity logs Leopard Labs

mozone User Guide v2.0

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