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12.2 Application Filtering

mozone is able to provide control over applications which can be used and accessed on the handset. mozone can automatically close down applications on the phone when the user attempts to start them up. mozone defaults to blocking the camera.

If you attempt to start the mobile camera, mozone will close it and show an advice message.

12.3 Premium Rate SMS Filtering

mozone offers the capability to block premium rate SMS messages, subscriptions and premium rate SPAM based on the sending number and the content contained in these SMS messages. When sending or receiving a premium rate SMS message the phone will look up the number to check if the message is from a premium rate service and will block the message.

Sending SMS to premium rate numbers

STEP 1 Send an SMS to a blocked premium rate number.

STEP 2 Upon sending the SMS you will see the following notification message: “mozone:an SMS to 19xxxx has been blocked.”

Note: The SMS will not appear in your Sent Items. You will also not be billed for this SMS. From time to time, you may also see a message pop-up with "General: message deleted!”. This is normal operation and indicates mozone intercepted the SMS to apply its filtering.

Receiving SMS from premium rate numbers

STEP 1 If you have signed up to any subscription services via the web, or prior to installing mozone, these premium SMS will still be received and you will still be billed for them by your Mobile Carrier

STEP 2 For Premium SMS messages sent to your phone, but blocked by mozone, you will need to send STOP to the number of the specific service. If the Content Provider providing the premium SMS service does not support the Australian mobile industry “STOP” feature, your subscription service will continue and you should contact your Mobile Carrier

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