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13 What is my password?

Your mozone password is the one you set when you first installed mozone.

All changes to mozone's settings, as well as unsubscribing and uninstalling mozone, require this password. If you are a parent or business manager, it is important that the password you set for mozone is not made known to the user of the handset.

The password must be between 1 and 10 characters (letters and numbers) and is case-sensitive. We recommend that you set your password to be 4 or more letters and numbers

If you have forgotten your password, please go to www.leopardlabs.com/help and follow the “Forgotten password” link.

14 I have forgotten my password

If you need to access the settings or remove the mozone software and can’t recall your password, please go to www.leopardlabs.com/help and select the Forgotten Password link. You will asked to enter your phone’s IMEI, mobile number, and the password and email address you set up for mozone.

We will then send you your password to the email address you have registered with mozone.

15 Change my password

If you need to change your password simply follow these steps:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.



Find the mozone icon on your handset and click on it to enter mozone's main screen. Select Options and then View Settings Enter your mozone password and select Ok. Scroll to the Password menu item and select it. You will be prompted to enter a new password. Enter your new password and select Ok You will then be prompted to confirm your new password. Enter your new password again and select Ok Select Back to exit the menu item and Back again to leave mozone .

16 Why do I need to provide my email address?

We strongly recommend that you provide us with a contact email address. Your email address will be used for the following purposes:

  • 1.

    If you have forgotten your password, you can request us to email the password to you to this email address.

  • 2.

    If your monthly subscription renewal fails for any reason such as, the status of your account or service has changed with your Mobile Carrier, we will notify you via email that your subscription has not been renewed.

  • 3.

    If we need to advise you of any subscription issues.

  • 4.

    If we need to advise you about mozone upgrades.

Note: We will not use your email address for any other purposes than those listed above. We will take all reasonable measures to keep your email address private and confidential.

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