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Additional charges will apply when mozone communicates with Leopard Labs via the phones Internet data connection. This will happen when:

  • -

    The phone is turned on

  • -

    mozone goes from disabled/ exit to enabled

  • -

    The user is Internet browsing

If none of these events occur, communication with the Leopard Labs servers will be once per day, which is estimated to be about 20KB (kilobytes). This will incur standard data charges as per your mobile phone plan both during and after the 30-day trial period. The cost is dependent on the data charge rates as specified from your mobile carrier and based on the amount of activity described above. For more information on these data costs please check with your mobile provider.

21 Terms and Conditions of Use

Please refer to Appendix A of this document to read the Terms and Conditions of Use.

22 What is the ACMA Government Blocking list?

The ACMA Government Blocking List contains sites that have been screened by an Australian Government agency and deemed unsuitable for viewing by the Australian general public. This category will always be set to Block and cannot be changed. You cannot access any sites, which are on the Government Blocking List.

For information please refer to http://www.acma.gov.au

23 Disabling and enabling mozone

You can enable or disable mozone from your handset. To enable mozone from your handset, follow these steps:

Enabling mozone

From the Options menu, choose 'Enable' to turn-on all filtering and blocking activities.

You cannot enable mozone if it is already enabled.

If mozone was previously disabled, when you enable it again, mozone will connect to the internet to update the latest settings from the Leopard Labs server, and save the latest handset activity logs to the server.

This is the same behaviour as if you exited mozone, and then started it again.

mozone User Guide v2.0

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