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Disabling mozone

From the mozone options menu choose 'Disable' to stop all filtering and blocking activities.

You will be required to enter the administrator password before mozone will be disabled.

mozone will show a confirmation message that it is disabled.

Following disable you will have access to all websites, URLs, premium rate SMS and applications.

NOTE: When you disable mozone it will still be running in the background but not filtering. If you want to completely close down mozone you should choose the Exit option.

If you have mozone's Autostart with phone set to Yes, mozone will re-enable itself the next time the handset is turned on. In this case, Disable is only a temporary measure to allow temporary access to a blocked site, blocked SMS/MMS or the phone's camera.

If Autostart with phone is set to No, mozone will remain disabled the next time your handset is turned on.

24 View and Change Settings from the handset

You can enable and disable features of mozone such as web filtering, premium rate SMS filtering and application filtering. To enable or disable any of these settings follow these steps:

View Settings

From the Options menu, choose 'View Settings' to control which filtering activities are enabled, as well as your password and email address.

You will be required to enter the password.

It is not recommended that you leave the phone unattended while editing your settings. However, if you leave the settings dialog open for more than a minute without using the phone, then you will be required to re-enter the password, before you can resume editing.

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