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Change Filter Settings The first 4 settings are to do with filtering and blocking. They are:

  • 1.

    Content Categories

  • 2.

    SMS/MMS Filtering

  • 3.

    Allowed/Blocked List

  • 4.

    Application Blocking

The options for each of these are the same. Off - no filtering will occur. Automatic– applies the Leopard Labs settings. On - filtering occurs according to the current profile settings.

Note: the difference between ‘Auto’ and ‘On ‘ - If Leopard Labs changes camera blocking to be turned-off, the automatic settings will also set camera blocking to off. You can via the handset turn this back on by selecting ‘On’. For the Beta Release of mozone there is no need to use ‘On’, the Leopard Labs settings won’t change without notification.

To change a setting simply click on the mozone feature you want to change and select the change option button set to either on or off.

Following the change of settings, be sure to select back and back again to exit the settings.

If you have turned off web browsing be sure to go to the phones web browser and clear the cache via options and advanced options to ensure that settings are effective. On most handsets, the cache will automatically be cleared whenever your handset is switched OFF and ON.

The actual content categories in the default profile, cannot be changed.

Note: It is not recommended that you leave the phone unattended while editing your settings. However, if you leave the settings dialog open for more than a minute without using the phone, then you will be required to re-enter the password, before you can resume editing.

Note: 'Content Categories' means that filtering of Internet traffic is based on website classification, and 'Allowed/Blocked List' means that filtering of Internet traffic is based on lists of specific URL's which are set by the Leopard Labs server in your handset's default profile.

Auto-start Setting

The “Auto start with phone” feature ensures when you turn the handset off and on the default profile will load on start up and mozone will be active.

For your security, it is highly recommended that auto-start be set to 'Yes'.

If you select ‘no’ to Autostart with phone, any changes you make to the settings or enabling/ disabling or exiting mozone will remain as you set them even after the phone is turned off and on.

mozone User Guide v2.0

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