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26 Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing problems using mozone or with mobile Internet browsing or messaging and other features on your handset please consult either Optus mobile help guides for more information: http://www.optus.com.au/home/index.html or the following section.

Handsets can vary between model, make and even, your own personal settings. The instances listed below are for your information and should be used as a guide only. You should always refer to the handset manufacturers technical or user guide for full details of your phones functionality.


Receive message while internet browsing Timeout on Gateway or Server not found.

You have lost connection to the web server, or the website you are trying to access may be down or does not exist. Try closing the browser and opening it up again. This may be a temporary loss of connectivity, or if the problem continues you may need to contact your Mobile Carrier.


Slow response when switching on the handset.

With some handsets slow response when switching on the handset may occur. This may cause mozone to be less effective during the start up process; you may need to contact your handset manufacturer for advice.


A ‘User Name’ & ‘Password’ prompt appears when trying to access a website.

This could be a legitimate login to a website or chat site. If it is unexpected, then best is to switch the handset OFF and ON and re-try the website.


Your mobile's browser crashes whenever you try to access a particular website.

This may be a browser characteristic, sometimes if the web page is too big, have too many graphics or unusual applets or activeX controls.


Updated settings on the mozone profile are not effective on the handset e.g. still being able to view websites that should be blocked.

The cache may need to be cleared to ensure that any change of settings via the handset are effective. The cache will automatically be cleared whenever your handset is switched OFF and ON again.


Receive message while internet browsing Cache may contain secure info - clear cache?

This is a handset system message and indicates there may be some confidential information in your cache and it is safe to clear this data from being accessed.


Receive message while internet browsing ‘Couldn’t reach the indicated web server’

The website you are trying to reach is temporarily down or unavailable, or does not exist. If the URL entered is correct, then try accessing the website again in a few seconds, otherwise check the URL entered.


Error when using web browser: Web unable to perform operation’

Check the URL, it may be an incorrect site address


Error when using web browser: Web gateway unknown’

Check the URL, it may be an incorrect site address or too complex for the phones browser


Error when using web browser: Service not part of the active profile’

Check your settings with your Mobile Carrier. This message typically indicates you are outside of your Mobile Carrier's "Walled Garden" of websites for your particular mobile phone plan.

Handset Related Errors and Messages

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