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28 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.

    I am having difficulty downloading mozone to my handset, what can I do?

  • A.

    Refer to the instructions as detailed in Section 6 before you start and Section 7 How to install mozone. If

you are unsuccessful we highly recommend contacting your mobile carrier to confirm your phones settings and then retry to download. If you have followed these instructions and are still encountering problems installing mozone, please go to www.leopardlabs.com/help and select Service Difficulty providing details of your problem and we will contact you to assist.

  • Q.

    When am I billed?

  • A.

    You will be on the same day as you downloaded the application each month. If you downloaded mozone

anywhere between the 28th –31st of the month, you will be billed on the 28th of the month.

  • Q.

    How much

  • A.

    mozone is

does mozone cost?

















Following this you will be billed $5 per month, to the mobile number with Additional charges will apply when mozone communicates with Leopard Labs connection. This will happen when:

which via the

mozone is installed. phones Internet data

  • -

    The phone is turned on

  • -

    mozone goes from disabled/ exit to enabled

  • -

    The user is Internet browsing

If none of these events occur within 24 hours, communication with the Leopard Labs servers will be once per day, which is estimated to be about 20KB (kilobytes). This will incur standard data charges as per your mobile phone plan both during and after the 30-day trial period. The cost is dependent on the data charge rates as specified from your mobile carrier and based on the amount of activity described above. For more information on these data costs please check with your mobile carrier.

  • Q.

    Will l still be charged for incoming Premium SMS messages when mozone blocks them?

  • A.

    Yes. Australian Premium SMS messages are those messages that are sent to, or received from,

numbers starting with 19, for example 19XXXX or 19XXXXXX. mozone will block all outgoing SMS to a 19 number, except if you are sending STOP to the 19 service, the request to ‘unsubscribe’ will be allowed. mozone will block all incoming Premium SMS messages and display the number from which the SMS originated. You will still be billed for this SMS and you should therefore send STOP to the 19 number as soon as possible. This will prevent future messages from being delivered from this specific 19 number.

Q. What if I don’t want Premium SMS messages blocked but I still want to use mozone to manage Internet access? A. You can turn-off Premium SMS filtering under the “Options” menu within mozone, once it is installed on your handset. You will need to use your password to change this setting.

  • Q.

    Why did my subscription end?

  • A.

    If your account or mobile service changes with you mobile carrier this may affect your ability to renew the

mozone subscription. For example, for prepaid services if the account is in zero balance and there are no funds the renewal will fail or if your phone or account is suspended. We recommend that you contact your mobile carrier.

Q. My subscription didn’t STOP after I unsubscribed? I attempted to unsubscribe from mozone by sending STOP to 19997640 but I am still being billed and mozone is still enabled. A. You must use the password to unsubscribe. If you didn’t use the password to unsubscribe, the subscription will still be active. If you can’t recall the password go to www.leopardlabs.com/help and select forgotten password. If you did use the password you may have been in an area, which didn’t have coverage, and therefore the message did not get through. Simply retry this when you are sure you are in a mobile coverage area and if the problem continues please contact us at www.leopardlabs.com/help

  • Q.

    I changed mozone content category filtering on/ off but websites are still blocked/ allowed?

  • A.

    The cache may need to be cleared to ensure that settings change is effective. The cache may

automatically be cleared whenever your handset is switched OFF and ON again. Otherwise open your

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