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Appendix A – Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Please read the following Terms and Conditions before downloading the mozone software application (mozone), developed and owned by Leopard Labs Pty Ltd (ACN 123 141 319) (Leopard Labs).

2. After the downloading and installation of mozone onto a mobile phone, use of mozone is subject to these terms and conditions.

3. In these terms and conditions, a reference to a ‘Subscriber’ means the person applying to download mozone (and is responsible for paying all tax invoices received from a mobile carrier for the mobile phone on which mozone is downloaded). A reference to ‘User’ means the person making use of the mobile phone on which mozone is downloaded (and with whom a mobile carrier has a mobile phone plan). The Subscriber may be the same person as the User but need not be (i.e. a parent or employer may download mozone onto a child’s or employee’s mobile phone).

4. mozone operates to control website access, SMS, MMS and other mobile applications, such as a camera, on the mobile phone on which it is installed.

5. While mozone is designed to control mobile content, the Subscriber will bear the sole responsibility of evaluating the merits and risks associated with its use.

6. mozone may be used for either personal or business purposes but, each subscription for mozone may only be installed and used on one mobile phone.

7. Neither a User nor a Subscriber may make any copy of mozone or allow any third party to do so. Both the User and the Subscriber must take all reasonable precautions to prevent the unauthorised copying or use of mozone.

8. If the mobile phone on which mozone is installed is lost, stolen or given away, either the User or the Subscriber must immediately unsubscribe from mozone in accordance with clause 25.

9. Your mobile carrier may charge the Subscriber standard data charges when mozone is downloaded in accordance with the User’s mobile phone plan.

10. Your mobile carrier will charge the Subscriber standard data charges in accordance with the User’s mobile phone plan when mozone communicates with Leopard Labs (at least once per day when the phone is turned on), when mozone goes from a disabled to an enabled state or when the User is internet browsing.

11. At the time that the Subscriber downloads and installs mozone onto a mobile phone, the password and email address of the Subscriber is asked, and will be automatically provided to Leopard Labs. Only the Subscriber may use the password to authorise changes to the use of mozone by the User. Leopard Labs will use the email address to contact the Subscriber regarding the use of mozone.

12. mozone will operate free of charge for a trial period of 30 days from the date mozone is downloaded by the Subscriber onto a mobile phone (Trial Period). Standard data charges will apply during the Trial Period as per clause 10.

mozone User Guide v2.0

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