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2 mozone for parents

As a parent you don’t want your children exposed to adult content and cyber-bullying and you also want to keep your phone bills under control.

mozone offers some simple tools to help manage these problems – a security and filtering system that transforms your mobile phone into a safe form of communication and provides control over the spend on mobile services.

mozone gives you ‘set-and-forget’ confidence in knowing that the type of Internet sites, premium rate messages and applications you want blocked on your child’s phone, are controlled.

3 mozone for business

As a Business Manager, you may already be managing your company’s PC’s at your workplace, by managing their desktop environment, internet access, email spam and virus threats. This may be for reasons of content governance, compliance, security, and by way of enforcing appropriate usage policies.

In today’s mobile business world where the mobile is used for both personal and business purposes, you

need some level of control of spend on mobile services.

You also need to be confident that

your staff

members are using their company’s mobile phone in an appropriate and productive manner.

mozone enables management of your mobile fleet through setting internet access restrictions, controlling SMS and MMS access, and controlling use of applications like the mobile camera, Bluetooth and games. mozone is also able to separate personal and business mobile use. Your IT administrator can be provided with web access to manage your mobile fleet and their respective access profiles. mozone also offers a mobile anti-virus and email anti-spam component. For more information on this product offering, please contact Leopard Labs at info@leopardlabs.com.

4 How much does mozone cost?

mozone costs roughly around U$10 for the download. Depending on your country and operator, this price may vary slightly. mozone has a 7-day free-trial period after which you will be prompted to purchase mozone. At this time, the exact price will be shown to you.

Specific pricing for Singtel-Optus customers A free trial period per subscription is available for the first 30 days, following this you will be billed.

We will notify you one week prior to the end of the trial period that you are about to be charged $5/month for mozone. You can elect to unsubscribe at this time before the billing for the subscription commences by sending an SMS with “STOP” to 19997640. If you do not unsubscribe after the trail period the subscription will be billed to the mobile number with which mozone is installed.

Please be aware that mozone is free to download from OptusZoo. The size of the mozone download is about 190KB. Additionally, mozone will communicate with Leopard Labs when the phone is turned on, when mozone goes from disabled to enabled and when the user is Internet browsing, if none of these

mozone User Guide v2.0

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