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events happen it will be once per day. This is estimated to be about 20KB of data per day, which will incur standard data charges as per your mobile phone plan.

5 What are the profile settings

Profile settings are those settings within mozone which enable it to decide how to filter internet, SMS, MMS and mobile applications.


Mobile Internet

Every internet site has a “Content Classification”. The speed with which websites are created makes it difficult to classify all websites. However, the sites that don’t have a classification, will be blocked by the “Unknown” category until such time as they can be classified. See below which categories, which will be blocked and allowed. Browsing to a site that is blocked at the content category level, will display a ‘blocked’ category advice page. All other websites will be viewable as normal.

  • Blocked

Adult Content Job Search Gambling Entertainment Chat rooms Dating sites Game sites Crime/ Terrorism sites Personal Beliefs/ cults Politics E-mail sites Violence/ undesirable Malicious Music downloads ACMA Government Blocked list Advertising Drugs/ Alcohol Swimsuit/ lingerie/ models SPAM Unknown (all unclassified websites)

  • Allowed

News Travel/ Tourism Shopping Investment sites E-Banking sites Sports Search Sites Health sites Clubs and Societies Business Oriented Educational Computing/ IT


Application Filtering

An application is anything which can operate on the phone such as, games, calendar, media player etc. mozone will block the camera from use. When you access the camera the following message will display mozone: The ‘camera’ application has been blocked’.


Premium Rate SMS Filtering

mozone will block access to all premium rate SMS and MMS services, which are sent and received by SMS or MMS message. These are typically services such as game and ring-tone downloads, SMS voting such as Australian Idol and Big Brother and many more.

  • Blocked

Adult premium number ranges General premium number ranges

  • Allowed

All other SMS ranges All other MMS ranges

Note: mozone will block access to all premium rate services, which are sent and received by SMS message.

If you have any SMS subscription services and are receiving these messages after installing mozone, these will be blocked by mozone and deleted before you can view them. You will also be charged for these blocked messages.

mozone User Guide v2.0

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