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If you do not want premium rate messages to be blocked, you can turn-off mozone’s premium SMS filtering on the handset (password required).

Nokia 3250

Nokia E70

Nokia 5500 Sport

Nokia E90 Communicator

Nokia 5700 XpressMusic

Nokia N71

Nokia 6110 Navigator

Nokia N73

Nokia 6120 classic

Nokia N75

Nokia 6121 classic

Nokia N76

Nokia 6124 classic

Nokia N77

Nokia 6290

Nokia N80

Nokia E50

Nokia N81

Nokia E51

Nokia N81 8GB

Nokia E60

Nokia N82

Nokia E61

Nokia N91

Nokia E61i

Nokia N91 8GB

Nokia E62

Nokia N92

Nokia E65

Nokia N93

Nokia E66

Nokia N93i

If you want to stop specific premium SMS services you will need to send “STOP” to the number of the subscription provider. mozone will show you this number when it blocks a premium rate SMS.

If you find the Content Provider does not act upon your request to “STOP”, you should contact your mobile carrier or the Content Provider directly.

Devices available 2009 Nokia 5320 XpressMusic Nokia 6210 Navigator Nokia 6220 classic Nokia 6650d Nokia E71 Nokia N78 Nokia N79 Nokia N85 Nokia N96 Nokia N96-3

6 What your phone needs

Before you download mozone you will need to ensure your phone is compatible. The following handsets will be able to install mozone:

Nokia N95 Nokia N95 8GB Nokia N95-3 NAM

Before you download mozone you will need to ensure that your phone has a WAP connection setting (also known as a WAP APN). These settings are typically provided by your mobile network operator. You will also need to ensure that your mobile network operator has activated this WAP feature for you. If you are already accessing the internet from your phone, there should be nothing more to do.

If you have a Nokia handset, additional help can be found here: http://www.nokia.com/phonesettings

If you are having any problems, contact your mobile network operator. Optus customers can call Optus on 1300 300 937.

7 How do I install mozone?


Steps to install

If you are a parent or business owner you will need to install mozone on your child’s or employee’s handset. Please note:

  • It is very important when you set the password that you DO NOT give it to the person who will use the phone with mozone installed on it.

  • It is also very important to provide a contact email address during the installation, in case we need to contact you about your subscription or if you have forgotten your password.


Browse to http://nokia.mobi or click on the “Download” icon under Internet folder on your phone. (This may differ from phone to phone.)

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