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partners in the last year and 40 percent of the men report having two partners concurrently.

Latinos  In the United States, Latino is used to refer to persons from several different cultural backgrounds, including Cuban Americans, Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans. Despite many differences, these groups have a distinct cultural heritage, heavily influenced by the Roman Catholic religious tradition. Due to such strong religious influence, Latino culture can be relatively conservative sexually. The Chicago Health and Social Life Survey provides an analysis of the (primarily Mexican-American) Westside neighborhood in Chicago in which neighborhood residents were found to have very strict attitudes about sexuality, and there was strong social disapproval of premarital sex and homosexuality. Few (14 percent) residents had had more than one partner in the past year; and more than half had never had a one-night stand (Laumann, et al., 2004). Also, in traditional Latin American cultures, gender roles are rigidly defined (Raffaelli & Ontai, 2004). Such roles are emphasized in childhood socialization. Boys are given greater freedom than girls; we noted earlier that Hispanic men begin having intercourse at younger ages than women.  

Asian Americans  This category also includes several different cultural groups, such as Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans, and newcomers such as Vietnamese Americans. In general, Asian cultures have had repressive attitudes toward sexuality.  Core Asian values include collectivism, placing priority on family over individual, conformity to norms, and emotional control.  As a result, Asian Americans are sexually conservative.  They have the lowest incidence of multiple sexual partners, and of same-gender sexual experience.  


Religious affiliation and religiosity have been shown to be correlated with sexual practices and attitudes. Research findings have shown that the primary influence on maintenance of female

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