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from evolutionary psychologists would be that men are sexually jealous because, in the ancestral environment, it was more likely that women would bear the children of jealous mates than non-jealous mates (because jealous men would be more vigilant about making sure their female partners did not have sex with other men), and thus more likely that the trait of male jealousy would be perpetuated in their (male) offspring.

Sexual Strategies Theory, a blend of biological and psychological perspectives, places desire at the foundation of human sexuality, asking how desire has evolved to maximize reproductive success. Specifically, it is based on the premise that not only do men and women have different problems to overcome to ensure mating success, but also that men and women have to negotiate differing problems in short-term versus long-term mating. Accordingly, the theory looks at what qualities will be desired by men and women when pursuing short-term mates versus long-term mates, as well as when and why each sex might desire one type of mate over the other.  Predictions based on this theory have included what sex differences there should be in the desire for sexual variety, what sex differences can be expected in sexual jealously, and what contexts will trigger sexual conflict between men and women (Buss, 1998). The compatibility between Sexual Strategies Theory and various sociological theories of sexuality is based on the former’s emphasis on the importance of context in determining how sexual desire will manifest in mating decisions. Thus, while sexual strategies theory suggests that there are some universals in what men and women may look for in different types of mates, it leaves a great deal of room for how social context influences everything from when and why they pursue particular strategies to how their desires might be shaped by social position.

Sexual Expression

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