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Interactive Mathematics Program

And the Hawai’i Mathematics Content Standards


The Interactive Mathematics Program® (IMP™) is an innovative and exciting full four-year secondary mathematics curriculum. Shaped by at least nine years of field testing in a variety of classroom settings, IMP is a full curriculum for college preparatory mathematics, created with funding in part from the National Science Foundation, and is based upon the Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The curriculum meets the needs of both college-bound students and those who choose to go directly into the work force, preparing them to use problem solving skills both in school and on the job.

Focused on helping all students develop an in-depth understanding of mathematical concepts, each of the four student texts (Years 1 through 4) consists of five units of instruction, almost all of which are organized around a central problem or theme. These problems are generally too complex for students to solve initially. As teachers guide them through a variety of smaller problems, students develop the mathematical ideas and techniques they need in order to solve the central unit problems. The curriculum spirals; it is common for challenges in later units to build on earlier units, requiring students to apply what they have previously learned in ever more sophisticated and complex ways.

IMP’s problem-centered approach helps students learn to think creatively and critically, and teaches them to draw simultaneously from many areas of mathematics to solve real-life problems. Solving a particular unit problem often requires concepts from several branches of mathematics, and IMP’s problem-based approach helps students to see how important ideas are related to each other. The integrated character of the IMP curriculum also includes the use of other subject areas, such as history, physics, and literature, as settings for the mathematical content.

The IMP curriculum is designed to give students a more active role in their learning. They work with complex and realistic situations, construct new ideas by moving from specific examples to general principles, and progress beyond simply finding numerical answers. Students must justify their reasoning by explaining to their teachers and their peers what approaches they tried, what worked, and what did not. By communicating their ideas to others, both orally and in writing, students reach deeper levels of understanding. Through Problems of the Week, daily homework, and in-class activities, IMP students are constantly communicating about mathematics.

The IMP curriculum incorporates graphing calculators as an integral part of developing mathematical ideas. Good calculators are always available to students, and they decide

Correlation of IMP Years1-4 (©1997-2000) to the Hawai’i Mathematics Content StandardsIntroduction i

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