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A diamante is a poem in the shape of a diamond that is seven lines long.  Like a cinquain, they also have a recipe.  

The line pattern goes like this:

Line 1. Noun

Line 2. Two Adjectives

Line 3. Three Participles

Line 4. Four Nouns

Line 5. Three Participles

Line 6. Two Adjectives

Line 7. Noun

A concrete poem takes the shape of the object the poem is describing.  The words become the shape of the poem.

An acrostic poem uses a word (usually the poet’s name) to write a descriptive poem about the named person.  Any word will work.

Formed by writing a word vertically down the page

One letter per line

All capital letters

Each line of poetry must begin with the letter on that line and must pertain to the word

May use one word or a phrase

Does not have to rhyme

Use adjectives and phrases that describe the word

A limerick is a poem that is highly controlled.  Lines 1, 2 and 5 rhyme; Lines 3 and 4 rhyme.  This type of poem also has a meter or beat.

Free verse is almost any type of poem today.  Free verse poetry is patterned by speech and images rather than by regular metrical schemes. Freedom applies not only to freedom from traditional meter, but freedom to use visual and sound effects as desired – for surprise, thickening of meaning, symmetry, repetition, or simply for fun. Lines can also be shortened for speed, or segmented into clots of words or syllables to slow down the reading or comprehension.

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